Saturday, August 23, 2008

one day.

"Long Nguyen" (12:19:03 PM): i have to eat
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:07 PM): i'll talk to you later babe.
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:12 PM): bye
xUHTHEENUH (12:19:17 PM): byee
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:17 PM): have a nice day
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:20 PM): and a nice life
xUHTHEENUH (12:19:24 PM): okay just eat.
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:28 PM): one day
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:30 PM: i will return
"Long Nguyen"
(12:19:38 PM): when the moon is eclipsing the sun
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:40 PM): and the stars
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:42 PM): are lined up
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:45 PM): in an exact order
xUHTHEENUH (12:19:46 PM): alright.
xUHTHEENUH (12:19:48 PM): i'll wait.
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:48 PM): that only happens
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:57 PM): once every sixteen thousand seventy two years
"Long Nguyen" (12:20:01 PM): and as a sign
"Long Nguyen" (12:20:07 PM): a bear and a shark will wrestle
"Long Nguyen" (12:20:17 PM): and stanley will wear blue
xUHTHEENUH (12:20:24 PM): haha
xUHTHEENUH (12:20:29 PM): i'm never seeing you againnnnn
"Long Nguyen" (12:20:33 PM): haha
"Long Nguyen" (12:20:36 PM): that communist
"Long Nguyen" (12:20:38 PM): bye!
xUHTHEENUH (12:20:42 PM): bye!

hahaha, oh stanley. back to studying!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

haircut gossip.

apparently, everytime he comes to get his hair cut and his girlfriend is with him, she always stares at people while she waits. "it's cause she's ugly. hehehe." hawaiian gardens is way ghetto. ghettoer than any other place on earth. a policeman got shot point-blank. the anniversary was a couple weeks ago. but no one will shoot the lady cutting my hair cause her grandma will evict all of them. the reason you're supposed to say your name when you answer the phone is so that people can complain about you if they don't like you. "cypress supercuts. my name is ashley. how may i help you?" oh, and pretending to sound korean is easier than you think.