Tuesday, December 23, 2008

steve's future.

"Long Nguyen" (11:51:07 PM): alright so
"Long Nguyen" (11:51:12 PM): since i can tell the future
"Long Nguyen" (11:51:15 PM): i'll tell steve's future!
"Long Nguyen" (11:51:16 PM): okay?
xUHTHEENUH (11:51:37 PM): oh
xUHTHEENUH (11:51:38 PM): okay!
xUHTHEENUH (11:51:40 PM): tell awayy
"Long Nguyen" (11:51:43 PM): alright so
"Long Nguyen" (11:51:43 PM): in year
xUHTHEENUH (11:51:44 PM): wait!
xUHTHEENUH (11:51:45 PM): no!
"Long Nguyen" (11:51:49 PM): hush
"Long Nguyen" (11:51:50 PM): this is long past
"Long Nguyen" (11:51:53 PM): our relationship
xUHTHEENUH (11:51:57 PM): i have to get steve!!
"Long Nguyen" (11:51:57 PM): in year 2182
"Long Nguyen" (11:52:00 PM): oh
xUHTHEENUH (11:52:40 PM): k all ready
xUHTHEENUH (11:52:41 PM): go!
"Long Nguyen" (11:52:45 PM): okay
"Long Nguyen" (11:52:46 PM): in year 2182
"Long Nguyen" (11:52:49 PM): when aliens invade the earth
"Long Nguyen" (11:52:55 PM): steve is one of the last
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:01 PM): stuffed animal soldiers
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:06 PM): we call him
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:08 PM): the SAS
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:18 PM): which is also the british special air services acronym, coincidentally
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:23 PM): and, by luck of fate
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:28 PM): steve is part british and part african
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:30 PM): anyway
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:34 PM): so one day
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:37 PM): while steve was busy fighting aliens
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:44 PM): he stumbled on a branch and fell
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:54 PM): and as you know
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:59 PM): elephants can't get up if they fall
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:04 PM): so he summoned timmy and jimmy
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:08 PM): his long lost friends
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:18 PM): and they somehow got him up on his feet again
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:20 PM): but then suddenly
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:24 PM): a super alien popped out
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:34 PM): and started smacking around timmy with its tentacles
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:38 PM): and steve was like
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:40 PM): oh hell no
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:45 PM): no one smacks my fish with tentacles
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:51 PM): and he body slammed the alien
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:54 PM): but then
"Long Nguyen" (11:55:04 PM): the super alien's backup arrived
"Long Nguyen" (11:55:08 PM): and tried to capture steve
"Long Nguyen" (11:55:17 PM): but then
"Long Nguyen" (11:55:28 PM): steve took out his pie
"Long Nguyen" (11:55:30 PM): it was no normal pie.
"Long Nguyen" (11:55:36 PM): it was really a nuclear bomb, in fact
"Long Nguyen" (11:55:43 PM): and he set it off and it killed all the aliens
"Long Nguyen" (11:55:47 PM): while he hid safely behind a tree
"Long Nguyen" (11:55:58 PM): and after that he continued on his mission
"Long Nguyen" (11:56:02 PM): to be continued!

hahah, he's such a good storyteller.

Monday, December 22, 2008


i just realized my last two posts were about the ontiveros family and for both posts, i used a picture of gwen. not because she is a ridiculously adorable child (but really she is), but because over half of the pictures i have the days i spend with them are of her. just thought i should mention that....cause i noticed...yeah.

k bye.

an ontiveros-filled day.

from 11 o'clock in the morning to 10 o'clock at the night, my day consisted of nothing but spending time with one of the most amazing families i have ever met in my entire life.

i helped make tamales with the grown-ups, watched a charlie brown christmas with the girls, played "rock climbing" with gwen, got beat (twice!) by siena at chess, played tag with irene outside, fed popcorn to maligne, and just watched elia be the cutest little one-year-old cracker queen in the world.

i almost fell asleep near the end of indiana jones and the crystal skull because tara and irene were just so warm. but with siena narrating everything that happened or is about to happening, it was a little hard. there were a couple of instances where i was scared for the safety of my camera because gwen (a five year old girly-girl who loves taking pictures of herself) never stopped running around with it. but i do have to admit she actually took some really good pictures of things other than herself.

and i can't forget the caroling we did later that night with all the honored guests, the girls, and mr. o. i actually did think it was a lot of fun. i've never been caroling before and this was definitely a memorable first time.

all in all, i've gotta say this started off my winter break in the most perfect way. i can't wait for new year's eve to spend it with them all over again.

(oh, and i can't forget about masa man! props to tara and kimly for that amazing creation.)