Saturday, September 29, 2007

song of the moment.

"i just want you close, where you can stay forever. you can be sure that it will only get better. you and me together through the days and nights. i don’t worry cause everything's gonna be alright. people keep talking. they can say what they like. but all i know is everything’s gonna be alright. no one, no one, no one can get in the way of what i’m feeling. no one, no one, no one can get in the way of what i feel for you..."

i'm addicted to this. (alicia keys is amazing.)

Friday, September 28, 2007

office fanatic.

i want this shirt! or this one. or this one. hehe. okay, i'll stop.

fun run.

season 4 of the office finally premiered yesterday, which is something i have been anticipating for a while now. and i can definitely say it lived up to my expectations. one whole hour of happiness. meredith getting hit by the car at the beginning of the episode was totally unexpected, yet hilarious at the very same time (which is a reaction michael tends to get from me very often). considering i'm not a cat person, the whole sprinkles situation wasn't all that great to me, but still. dwight is so....i don't even know. haha. i still can't believe what he did to angela's cat. AND PAM AND JIM! ohmygoodness. i love that they're FINALLY dating. eeeeee!! they're that perfect couple that everyone is ridiculously envious of. not even kidding. cute cute cute :) welcome back, dunder mifflin employees. how i missed you!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


so yesterday was a super good day. it didn't start out so great cause i woke up late, but whatev. schol started with spencer and that was cool cause i like her. then a pointless nutrition period where i "studied" for the dbq. then...the dbq. and oh my goodness, after that reading the prompt i was ridiculously happy (but i was even happier when i finished). good stuff. french was boring as usual. but i was glad cause my brain (and my hand) needed rest. and cluster was amazing as usual. i'm so in love with having cluster every day. you have no idea. i love mrs. hale. and the big fat comfy rolling chair i get to call mine makes it that much better.

afterschool was fantastic cause i went to starbucks and shane finally bought me my starbucks. which i earned FAIR AND SQUARE, btw. (it was your idea anyway!). got home and did some homework, then went to go pick up kimly for bpm-ing. that was goood. my kimly-time was severely lacking and i was getting very sick of rainchecks, so i was happy.

and then while i was talking to jeff on the phone at around finally started raining! that put a good end to my day. although i don't understand why car alarms always go off after there's thunder. it baffles me.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

live laugh love.

i love life. i love to laugh. i live to love. today was so ridiculously amazing. it's just one of those days where i'm kinda like, my life rocks. i've come to the point where i have no complaints. where school isn't taking over my life. where i sleep earlier because i'm ahead. where the friends i love are there for me. and where everything is just...perfect.

this morning i woke up feeling really really happy. you have no idea. the school day didn't feel so long (after wittman, of course). i realized i love talking to teachers lately. mrs. hale is such an amazing cluster mom (and cupcake maker). mr. ramirez is super easy to talk to about anything (and when i say anything, i mean anything). and mr. ontiveros is indescribable. you don't even understand. and longboarding today with tara and alex all over cypress was so amazing. it was so fun/relaxing. even getting semi-lost in sorrento was fun. i love love love it. you have no idea. i can't wait to get mine. we'll conquer the world together, plus kathleen. and then kimly played really well today! (aw, i'm so proud of you, babe!) i love it when my friends are happy. ahhhhhh :)


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


dad: nina, you wanna try driving again?
me: ...can i get my permit so i can do it legally?!
dad: no, we like to do it illegally.


happy birthday, daddy :)

little kids!!

this video can make me laugh no matter what! HAHAHA! i love little kids! NOT FUNNY!!!

and then...

how could you not love this?! his accent is soo adorable :)

Monday, September 10, 2007


"if we BOUGHT the taxi, then we already used the $10k!
and when we sell it back for $100k, we have $140k!
...or $130k?"

"okay, so it's gonna cost about $600 for the paint job per car..."
"whoa, whoa, whoa... didn't we say we're spray painting the taxis?"
"but, that'll look tacky... "
"they're going to be LIME-GREEN COW-SPOTTED! isn't that already tacky?!?"
"uhm... christine, that was kinda supposed to be a secret."
"oh, crap."

"don't you just love making executive decisions?!?"

"or we could paint the cow-spots purple..."
"wait, painting cows purple? isn't that... animal abuse?"
"we're not painting actual COWS!"

hahahaha, i love this class sooo much. you have no idea. christine, tara, and i make the greatest executive decisions ever. we already know what's going down for VE next year. i can't wait :)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

saving up.

= $184.00. i've got a long way to go. and to get the one i really want (this), i've got an even longer way. oh elementary, how i miss thee and the countless numbers of hours i spent on a skateboard.

(yes yes, i know. athena doesn't look like a skateboarding person. but you'd be surprised. i hung out with a lot of guys in elementary...)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

feel-good file.

"Tara Millspaugh" (7:21:25 PM): i'm proudd of you
"Tara Millspaugh" (7:21:26 PM): (:
"Tara Millspaugh" (7:21:29 PM): you are going to dominate this year

and you know what? i believe her.

summer 2007.

i don't feel like writing much at the moment, so i'll just give it to you straight up: greatest summer of my life. the end.

(and it was definitely much more exciting than this post. i promise.)

Sunday, September 02, 2007


"i've been looking for someone to shed some light.
not somebody just to get me through the night.
i could use some direction
and i'm open to your suggestions.
all i want to do is find a way back into love.
i can't make it through without a way back into love.
and if i open my heart again
i guess i'm hoping you'll be there for me in the end..."

(yeah, i finally watched the whole thing last night. )

and hugh grant is one of my favorite actors ever ever ever. the first movie i remember seeing him in is two weeks notice. still in love with that movie. i've watched it with my mom a million times. and it's never occurred to us to buy it. i guess it's more fun that way (don't ask me how). then of course notting hill and sense and sensibility. and then about a boy...which was kinda weird. well, cute in a weird way. hahaha. that boy was just really weird to me. but hugh grant made it less weird. (wow, i used the word weird a lot.) hoorah!

"day off".

ever since tuesday i've been out every single day doing something. so i guess i shall call today my "day off" of frolicking. but it hasn't been boring at all. why? the office. i had myself a little marathon and am halfway through season two thus far. i love the office! i'm kinda bummed i missed a lot of the episodes last season, but i must catch up because there's only....25 days until the premiere of season four!!

okay, back to my marathon. yay my daddy brought me boba.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


so i put my ice cream cone down for like two seconds cause hau IMed me and i needed to respond, right? and then when i went to pick it up, there was a huge pool of ice cream under my cone (i would've taken a picture if my camera was working, but since it's not...i didn't). i don't know about you, but i don't like sticky cones and overly melted ice cream. this heat is crazy. i love you summer, but take a chill pill.