Wednesday, July 23, 2008

sunday morning.

actually, it was really wednesday afternoon. she was sitting in her room. breeze coming through the window. dog rolling around in her bed. happy. it was just one of those moments where she took the time to stop and think. the good kind of thinking though. not the kind that gets her all confused. life is good. wait, no. amazing. yeah, the good kind.

what got her into this mood, you ask? well, it might have been the sound of her mom listening to maroon 5 in the living room and having it slip sweetly through the cracks into her own room. it might have been the fact that she could be getting a new puppy on friday. i might have been the anticipation for an exciting weekend. it might have been the satisfying feeling of not being behind in summer homework. it might have been realizing that this is probably one of the funnest summers she's had so far. i might have been because, well...

just cause.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

the little things.

"Christine Parker" (12:26:30 PM): ATHENA!!!!!!!!!
"Christine Parker" (12:26:35 PM): I was looking for someone to IM.
"Christine Parker" (12:26:39 PM): And I thought... DUDE.
"Christine Parker" (12:26:42 PM): I need Athena :]

on a scale of 1 - 10.... i have amazing friends.

(p.s. christina, if you get a chance to read this, I MISS YOUUUU! come home. now. thanks. chop chop!)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

what matters.

i do not care what car you drive or where you live. if you know someone who knows someone who knows someone. if your clothes are this year's cutting edge. if your trust fund is unlimited. if you are A-list or B-list or never heard of you list. i only care about the words that flutter from your mind. they are the only thing you truly own. the only thing i will remember you by. i will not fall in love with your bones and skin. i will not fall in love with the places you have been. i will not fall in love with anything but the words that flutter from your extraordinary mind.

i am.

i am strong because i am weak. i am beautiful because i know my flaws. i am a lover because i am a fighter. i am fearless because i have been afraid. i am wise because i have been foolish. and i can laugh because i have known sadness.

all or nothing.

i must be dreaming.

"tell me that you love me and it'll be alright.
are you thinking of me?
just come with me tonight.
you know i need you.
just like you need me.
can't stop, won't stop, i must be dreaming.
can't stop, won't stop, i must be dreaming..."

mixed up.

lately, i've been a little confused. i've been mixing up my dreams with reality and reality with my dreams. i dream and think it actually happened later on in the day. then i realize it was all in my head. somewhat disappointing since i liked what happened in my dream, but what can you do. but then i do things in real life and think about it later on and wonder if i had just dreamt it. sometimes it's hard to know what to believe when you're mind keeps playing tricks on you.

but it's just the heat. i swear it's just the heat.