Monday, February 15, 2010

It is 11:47AM. I've already eaten 3 chocolate bars and had a tall white chocolate mocha frapp. I have four more classes to go. Grumble grumble grumble.

I hate this time of the month...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

my funky valentine.

today i was in a funk. it wasn't a big funk, just a little one. but a funk nonetheless. i sat in bed for hours not doing anything but wasting away time on the internet. i can't even tell you half the things i did mainly because i can't remember. seriously... mindless surfing. the funk lingered on and i could not shake it. i watched a movie. i took some tylenol. i ate a brownie. relentless. then midnight rolled around. you'd think this would make my funk somewhat funkier considering it's valentine's day and here i am sans valentine.

but my funk has left the building! thank you, world, for showing me i've got people to love who love me back. i was right; i don't have a valentine this year. i've got plenty.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


i woke up this morning to the sound of people talking outside my bedroom window.

"do you guys have a toy snake?"
"yeah, i think we do."
"cause i can't tell if this snake is real or not."
"....yeah, our toy snake definitely doesn't look like that."

needless to say, that is when i got out of bed. i peeked my head out of the window and saw three people standing there: my dad, my mom, and my neighbor. they were all staring at a spot on the ground underneath the barbecue grill, so i turned my head and directed my gaze similarly. lo and behold, there lay the snake that caught their attention. i stared at it for a while, wondering how on earth a snake could end up here. then, enter neighbor number two.

"what's everybody staring at?"
"there's a snake right there!"
"underneath the grill. how do we get rid of it?"
"wait that thing? oh, uh. that's travis' toy."

so it turns out the snake was really just a toy. but i just kept staring at it. for some reason, i really really wanted that snake to be real. maybe because i had already believed it was real in the first place. so i kept staring. i stared and i stared as if my eyes could somehow make it come alive. it actually did look very lifelike. but it's kind of like how your imagination plays tricks on you sometimes. like when you're out somewhere and you catch a glimpse of someone and you think it's someone you know. you just keep looking and the more you look the more it looks like them because its what you wanna see. but then they turn around and you realize it's not them and you just wasted fifteen seconds of your life. well the snake never did come alive so my morning was only exciting for a while.

but, man... if the world were filled with things from my imagination...