Tuesday, December 23, 2008

steve's future.

"Long Nguyen" (11:51:07 PM): alright so
"Long Nguyen" (11:51:12 PM): since i can tell the future
"Long Nguyen" (11:51:15 PM): i'll tell steve's future!
"Long Nguyen" (11:51:16 PM): okay?
xUHTHEENUH (11:51:37 PM): oh
xUHTHEENUH (11:51:38 PM): okay!
xUHTHEENUH (11:51:40 PM): tell awayy
"Long Nguyen" (11:51:43 PM): alright so
"Long Nguyen" (11:51:43 PM): in year
xUHTHEENUH (11:51:44 PM): wait!
xUHTHEENUH (11:51:45 PM): no!
"Long Nguyen" (11:51:49 PM): hush
"Long Nguyen" (11:51:50 PM): this is long past
"Long Nguyen" (11:51:53 PM): our relationship
xUHTHEENUH (11:51:57 PM): i have to get steve!!
"Long Nguyen" (11:51:57 PM): in year 2182
"Long Nguyen" (11:52:00 PM): oh
xUHTHEENUH (11:52:40 PM): k all ready
xUHTHEENUH (11:52:41 PM): go!
"Long Nguyen" (11:52:45 PM): okay
"Long Nguyen" (11:52:46 PM): in year 2182
"Long Nguyen" (11:52:49 PM): when aliens invade the earth
"Long Nguyen" (11:52:55 PM): steve is one of the last
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:01 PM): stuffed animal soldiers
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:06 PM): we call him
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:08 PM): the SAS
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:18 PM): which is also the british special air services acronym, coincidentally
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:23 PM): and, by luck of fate
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:28 PM): steve is part british and part african
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:30 PM): anyway
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:34 PM): so one day
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:37 PM): while steve was busy fighting aliens
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:44 PM): he stumbled on a branch and fell
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:54 PM): and as you know
"Long Nguyen" (11:53:59 PM): elephants can't get up if they fall
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:04 PM): so he summoned timmy and jimmy
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:08 PM): his long lost friends
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:18 PM): and they somehow got him up on his feet again
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:20 PM): but then suddenly
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:24 PM): a super alien popped out
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:34 PM): and started smacking around timmy with its tentacles
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:38 PM): and steve was like
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:40 PM): oh hell no
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:45 PM): no one smacks my fish with tentacles
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:51 PM): and he body slammed the alien
"Long Nguyen" (11:54:54 PM): but then
"Long Nguyen" (11:55:04 PM): the super alien's backup arrived
"Long Nguyen" (11:55:08 PM): and tried to capture steve
"Long Nguyen" (11:55:17 PM): but then
"Long Nguyen" (11:55:28 PM): steve took out his pie
"Long Nguyen" (11:55:30 PM): it was no normal pie.
"Long Nguyen" (11:55:36 PM): it was really a nuclear bomb, in fact
"Long Nguyen" (11:55:43 PM): and he set it off and it killed all the aliens
"Long Nguyen" (11:55:47 PM): while he hid safely behind a tree
"Long Nguyen" (11:55:58 PM): and after that he continued on his mission
"Long Nguyen" (11:56:02 PM): to be continued!

hahah, he's such a good storyteller.

Monday, December 22, 2008


i just realized my last two posts were about the ontiveros family and for both posts, i used a picture of gwen. not because she is a ridiculously adorable child (but really she is), but because over half of the pictures i have the days i spend with them are of her. just thought i should mention that....cause i noticed...yeah.

k bye.

an ontiveros-filled day.

from 11 o'clock in the morning to 10 o'clock at the night, my day consisted of nothing but spending time with one of the most amazing families i have ever met in my entire life.

i helped make tamales with the grown-ups, watched a charlie brown christmas with the girls, played "rock climbing" with gwen, got beat (twice!) by siena at chess, played tag with irene outside, fed popcorn to maligne, and just watched elia be the cutest little one-year-old cracker queen in the world.

i almost fell asleep near the end of indiana jones and the crystal skull because tara and irene were just so warm. but with siena narrating everything that happened or is about to happening, it was a little hard. there were a couple of instances where i was scared for the safety of my camera because gwen (a five year old girly-girl who loves taking pictures of herself) never stopped running around with it. but i do have to admit she actually took some really good pictures of things other than herself.

and i can't forget the caroling we did later that night with all the honored guests, the girls, and mr. o. i actually did think it was a lot of fun. i've never been caroling before and this was definitely a memorable first time.

all in all, i've gotta say this started off my winter break in the most perfect way. i can't wait for new year's eve to spend it with them all over again.

(oh, and i can't forget about masa man! props to tara and kimly for that amazing creation.)

Saturday, November 29, 2008


"but maybe it's not about flavors, maybe it's not about reason, or GPA, or College Board, or dress code, or college aps... maybe, instead, it's about hiking in the woods, about rock walls and movies under the stars, about waiting for friendships and flavors to mingle..."

Mr. and Mrs. Ontiveros

Friday, November 28, 2008


that is what my stomach is. upset. very very upset. i don't like upset stomachs. especially when the stomach is mine. i'm trying to think of things that would make my stomach happier, but everything i'm thinking of would probably make it worse...pie, ice cream, pie, brownies, pie, cheesecake, pie, chocolate, pie... (i really want pie).

sigh. i think a warm bed and looking at the new clothes i bought today will do the trick. mmm, that sounds delightful.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

tom's a biiiird.

everytime i think of thanksgiving, i think of this episode of the cosby show. so, naturally, today being thanksgiving and all, i had to watch it again to really get in the mood for thanksgiving. i can never get enough of olivia's thanksgiving song (starts at 6:00). it is the cutest, funniest, most adorable thing ever. so if you don't wanna watch the whole thing, fast forward to the 6 minute mark. it's turkey time!

giving thanks.

"Aw u personalized the txt."
"Thanks, love. You know you do the exact same for me. :)"
"You are so delightful. I hope you know that."
"Happy Thanksgiving my goddess!!"
"Hehe that was the best thing to wake up to(: We really are really good friends aren't we?"
"I love you too baby!"

this is what i am thankful for. the people who make life worth living. the little things that never deserve to go unnoticed. the love that i am constantly surrounded by. the sense of happiness that goes all the way down to the tips of my toes. the warm bed i sleep in every night. the clothes on my back. and the thought of someone being thankful for me simply because of, well, being me.

oh, and the pecan pie my grandma brought over today. this is love.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

it's funny.

boawen: are you having a debut?
me: naww. why?
boawen: iono. brittany valdez is having one. i'm in her court.

it struck me right then and there how small of a world we really live in. i forgot boawen went to walker and became friends with my best friends from elementary school. kinda like how i went to lexington and became friends with rona's best friends from elementary school. but anyway, boawen also mentioned that he saw arielle delosreyes at starbucks the other day. another one of my best friends from the elementary days. i never realized how weird it was that i've never run into them anywhere. i don't think i've talked to any of them for 4 or 5 years. and to tell the truth, i don't remember the last time i thought about brittany valdez or arielle delos reyes or rj dizon or grace aquino until today.

and when he mentioned that he's been given the honor of being a part of her court, it kind of made me a little jealous. i know we haven't talked in ages, but it kinda gave me that feeling that little kids get when they think someone's taking their friends away from them. you know, the "she was my friend first" kinda thing. immature, i know. just goes to show that things change and you can't really do much about it.

it's funny though. as much as i want to catch up with them and find out what their lives have been like for the past few years, i wouldn't break necks trying to do it. but i think the people in my life right now, the ones that i've grown with working through the trials and tribulations of my teenage years, i'd move mountains to make sure i stay in touch with them.

things are just better with them here.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

sincerely, athena.

i may have signed the letter, but i am far from finished. people tend to underestimate the power of postscripts, don't they? they read the letter and are satisfied when they are finished with it and see the signature at the end. and then they see the little “p.s.” they assume it was hastily written and of less importance since it wasn’t significant enough to figure into the body of the letter. but maybe, just maybe, that postscript was the most important part of the letter. so important that it HAD to be by itself. somehow, give it a little emphasis. not something like, “p.s. can i borrow your sweater?” or “p.s. i’ll call you at 5.” i was thinking something more along the lines of, “p.s. i love you.” that deserves a second glance, don’t you think?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

an apple a day.

so today, being more bored than usual because everyone seemed to be busy, i went through some of my old files on my laptop. found some funny quotes, surfaced some embarrassing pictures, and realized that i used to have way too much time on my hands. but the real point of this post is to share a story i found. i saved it on a word document a long, long time ago after i watched an episode of oprah. and after discovering it this afternoon and reading it as if for the first time, my belief in destiny has been overwhelmingly renewed...

before i begin this story, i apologize in not remembering the actual names of the people. don't know why i didn't write it down. but anyway, to make this story come alive, i will give the people my own names. they will from this point forward be known as robert and julia.

when robert was fourteen years old he, as well as his entire family, were placed in a concentration camp in germany during the time of the holocaust. one day, he was walking along the fence and spotted a girl on the other side. she comes up and introduces herself as julia. as starving as he was, robert asks her if she has any food and she gives him an apple. julia was hiding from the nazis as well and she had fled poland with her family and was now living in germany pretending to be christian. the two young teenagers instantly became friends and for the next 7 months, juila came every single day to give him an apple.

then one day, robert told her that she shouldn't come back the next day because he was being transfered to a different concentration camp. that was the last time they saw each other. then after the jews were liberated, robert was free and began a normal life. years later, when he was in his late 20s, his friend set him up on a blind date. so he went on the date and began making small talk with the woman. they continued talking and the girl asked him where he was during the war because she knew that he was jewish, etc, etc. so robert told her about the concentration camp and she says "oh! i used to go to that camp and give apples to a boy for about 7 months." and then it kinda hit him. he then asked her "did the boy tell you to stop coming the next day because he was leaving?" she said yes. then he realized it was his julia, told her he was that boy she befriended so many years ago, and proposed right then and there.

they've been married ever since.

bad blogger.

2 months and 15 days. that's how long it's been since i've last posted. people have been harping on me about posting, but i haven't had the will to do it lately. maybe it's just cause i feel like i always have something better to do. well, maybe not better. more important? *cough* college apps *cough* but important stuff has never stopped me from writing before. it was usually my inspiration for a new post. ah, well. remember the days where i would post, not just one blog a day, but up to three? good times...

anyway, i've said this before, but maybe it'll actually stick this time: i'm back.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

oh, elmo.

(his laugh makes me happy.)

(and you just have to love elmo with chris brown.)

(and this...this just made my day.)

this is why elmo is my favorite monster. well, not just monster. favorite character...ever. he's up there with my obsession with elephants and maroon 5. he's toooo cute.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

one day.

"Long Nguyen" (12:19:03 PM): i have to eat
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:07 PM): i'll talk to you later babe.
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:12 PM): bye
xUHTHEENUH (12:19:17 PM): byee
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:17 PM): have a nice day
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:20 PM): and a nice life
xUHTHEENUH (12:19:24 PM): okay just eat.
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:28 PM): one day
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:30 PM: i will return
"Long Nguyen"
(12:19:38 PM): when the moon is eclipsing the sun
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:40 PM): and the stars
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:42 PM): are lined up
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:45 PM): in an exact order
xUHTHEENUH (12:19:46 PM): alright.
xUHTHEENUH (12:19:48 PM): i'll wait.
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:48 PM): that only happens
"Long Nguyen" (12:19:57 PM): once every sixteen thousand seventy two years
"Long Nguyen" (12:20:01 PM): and as a sign
"Long Nguyen" (12:20:07 PM): a bear and a shark will wrestle
"Long Nguyen" (12:20:17 PM): and stanley will wear blue
xUHTHEENUH (12:20:24 PM): haha
xUHTHEENUH (12:20:29 PM): i'm never seeing you againnnnn
"Long Nguyen" (12:20:33 PM): haha
"Long Nguyen" (12:20:36 PM): that communist
"Long Nguyen" (12:20:38 PM): bye!
xUHTHEENUH (12:20:42 PM): bye!

hahaha, oh stanley. back to studying!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

haircut gossip.

apparently, everytime he comes to get his hair cut and his girlfriend is with him, she always stares at people while she waits. "it's cause she's ugly. hehehe." hawaiian gardens is way ghetto. ghettoer than any other place on earth. a policeman got shot point-blank. the anniversary was a couple weeks ago. but no one will shoot the lady cutting my hair cause her grandma will evict all of them. the reason you're supposed to say your name when you answer the phone is so that people can complain about you if they don't like you. "cypress supercuts. my name is ashley. how may i help you?" oh, and pretending to sound korean is easier than you think.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

sunday morning.

actually, it was really wednesday afternoon. she was sitting in her room. breeze coming through the window. dog rolling around in her bed. happy. it was just one of those moments where she took the time to stop and think. the good kind of thinking though. not the kind that gets her all confused. life is good. wait, no. amazing. yeah, the good kind.

what got her into this mood, you ask? well, it might have been the sound of her mom listening to maroon 5 in the living room and having it slip sweetly through the cracks into her own room. it might have been the fact that she could be getting a new puppy on friday. i might have been the anticipation for an exciting weekend. it might have been the satisfying feeling of not being behind in summer homework. it might have been realizing that this is probably one of the funnest summers she's had so far. i might have been because, well...

just cause.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

the little things.

"Christine Parker" (12:26:30 PM): ATHENA!!!!!!!!!
"Christine Parker" (12:26:35 PM): I was looking for someone to IM.
"Christine Parker" (12:26:39 PM): And I thought... DUDE.
"Christine Parker" (12:26:42 PM): I need Athena :]

on a scale of 1 - 10.... i have amazing friends.

(p.s. christina, if you get a chance to read this, I MISS YOUUUU! come home. now. thanks. chop chop!)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

what matters.

i do not care what car you drive or where you live. if you know someone who knows someone who knows someone. if your clothes are this year's cutting edge. if your trust fund is unlimited. if you are A-list or B-list or never heard of you list. i only care about the words that flutter from your mind. they are the only thing you truly own. the only thing i will remember you by. i will not fall in love with your bones and skin. i will not fall in love with the places you have been. i will not fall in love with anything but the words that flutter from your extraordinary mind.

i am.

i am strong because i am weak. i am beautiful because i know my flaws. i am a lover because i am a fighter. i am fearless because i have been afraid. i am wise because i have been foolish. and i can laugh because i have known sadness.

all or nothing.

i must be dreaming.

"tell me that you love me and it'll be alright.
are you thinking of me?
just come with me tonight.
you know i need you.
just like you need me.
can't stop, won't stop, i must be dreaming.
can't stop, won't stop, i must be dreaming..."

mixed up.

lately, i've been a little confused. i've been mixing up my dreams with reality and reality with my dreams. i dream and think it actually happened later on in the day. then i realize it was all in my head. somewhat disappointing since i liked what happened in my dream, but what can you do. but then i do things in real life and think about it later on and wonder if i had just dreamt it. sometimes it's hard to know what to believe when you're mind keeps playing tricks on you.

but it's just the heat. i swear it's just the heat.

Monday, June 30, 2008

one of these days.

one of these days, i will ride in a hot air balloon. one of these days, i will get over my fear of ferris wheels. one of these days, i will be brave enough to tell you i miss you. one of these days, i will bike to the beach. one of these days, i will stay up to watch the sunrise. one of these days, i will clean the mess that is my room. one of these days, i will realize just how much you mean to me. one of these days, i will watch all three of the godfathers. one of these days, i will get my hair cut. one of these days, i will get a new phone. one of these days, i will go horseback riding. one of these days, i will become a better person. one of these days, i will understand why.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

to the rescue.

it was 7:00 at night and she was lying in bed getting ready to take a nap. then the office theme song starts to play. she grabs her phone and reads the text message she just received. less than 15 minutes later, she's out the door and off to see a friend in need of her company. during the car ride there, she thought to herself. how lucky she is to have friends that call her when they're down and out and need someone to make them happy. how lucky she is indeed.

she gets dropped off, walks into the building, and spots her friend. then a grin appears on both of their faces. she walks through another door past the hustle and bustle of grown-ups, and gives her friend a hug. it's funny. you don't know how much you miss something until it's actually standing right in front of you. after not seeing her for an entire week, it's safe to say she missed her.

they went to the back and talked for a little while. okay well, talked a little, laughed a lot. "you guys have been with each other for 10 minutes and you're already laughing your heads off." pretty much.

in the end, she wasn't the one who rescued her friend from going crazy. her friend rescued her. without even knowing she needed to be rescued.


sitting in the living room. no fan blowing. just music playing. feeling a little sticky. thinking random thoughts...

today is the 10th day of summer vacation. i woke up late this morning. and i only woke up cause someone texted me. i hate waking up late. makes me feel gross. it's 2:42 right now. don't know if that statement served any purpose, but oh well. i want to see wall-e really badly. i watch waaay too many movies for my own good. i've already spent a good amount of my time in the movie theaters. not that i'm complaining. movies make me happy. like mangoes and late night phone calls. speaking of late nights, i've been having many of those lately. but okay, for me, late nights are nights that i stay up until 2 in the morning. yes, that's late. but many people stay up a lot later. ridiculous. anywho, it's getting kind of hot. need to go to the beach again. soon. my mom is watching jersey girl right now. i feel like watching.

going through pictures.

i'm gonna miss this class. protection squad! (+ jameson)

and this class! i swear...if we're not in the same VE class...

oh, and. i'm gonna miss this girl.

but september is a ways away. and today is a good day.

Friday, June 27, 2008

hello, old friend.

hiii. remember me? yeah. i haven't posted in a while. clearly. 25 days to be exact (holy crap). but trust me, i thought it had been a looot longer. felt like at least 2 months since my last post. i'm not exactly sure why i haven't been writing here for so long. i retreated back to writing on random scraps of paper and doodling on the backs of worksheets just because it was more convenient. i don't know. i guess maybe there was just too much to write about? i doubt any of it would have made sense to anyone else anyway.

so here is a post for the sake of posting. a post about how i never post anymore. exciting, i know. i'll be back later. it'll be better.

Monday, June 02, 2008

so close.

6/4: counselor meeting during 7th.
6/6: rona's birthday!
6/7: victoria's birthday/rona's party/babysitting.
6/9: i swear there's something happening this day...
6/11: committee banquet.
6/13: friday the 13th! haha.
6/14: olive garden with committee/key club bonfire.
6/16: senior graduation.
6/17: last day of school! bonfire<3
6/18: babysitting hannah & jordan, again!
6/24: shane's birthday!

& something not so close...
8/30: SLEEPOVER/BABY SHOWER!! so freaking excited. =)

Sunday, June 01, 2008


a little story of how things just seemed to work out...

committee applications were due friday, may 23. i had thought about it for a long time and i was iffy on whether or not i really wanted to do committee again. i don't really understand why i couldn't make up my mind. but the twenty-third rolled around and i didn't turn in an application. i was apathetic about it all so i didn't really care. then over that weekend, i started thinking. then i asked myself: what was i thinking? how could i possibly not want to be on committee again? especially for senior year. honestly, athena? what were you thinking?

but it was too late. jake told people that if they didn't turn in an application on friday, they could e-mail one to him over the weekend. the weekend was over. it was late. so i just went to bed. full of regret.

then tuesday night i was talking to jake and asked him about applications and stuff. then he told me something that made absolutely no sense: "don't worry. kat got your application." and of course, the only thing i could think of to say was, "...what?" he told me that kat got my application, but she lost it. i told him i didn't even turn in an application. so he just told me not to worry about it because i was already on the interview list.

i had my interview at 3:56 on thursday afternoon. it went perfectly. i am now comfortably in the 2009 senior class committee. i don't know why i cared so much about this. but i did and i do. and i'm still wondering how kat even thought she got my application. i guess...

it's fate.

Friday, May 30, 2008


"let's just put it this way: i've been praying. i don't pray."

i can't believe they're doing this to her. you can't just do this to a person. it's not fair. she told me that for the first time, she's finally found a place she loves coming to. and now...they just decide that they're gonna ship her off somewhere else? and they tell her that she should be happy that she still has a job, but that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard. how do you expect someone to be happy about this situation at all?

maybe i don't understand the logistics of it all, but what i do understand is that i don't want her to leave. i hate it when people leave. it's not fair. she belongs here.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


so last night i was pretty tired from my day and decided to take a little nap. but i guess i didn't realize how tired i really was. it was around 8:00 or 8:15 or something and i hopped in bed. just in case i didn't wake myself up, i set my alarm for 10:15. and just in case that didn't work, i set my away message to "nap. someone wake me up at 10." with everything set and ready to go, i put on my maroon 5 playlist and shut my eyes.

...athena didn't open her eyes until about 20 minutes ago. the alarm didn't wake her up. the phone calls didn't wake her up. the text messages didn't wake her up. the instant messages didn't wake her up. nothing woke her up. she was knocked out.

11 hours of sleep. impressive, athena. impressive.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

movie ruiner.

never in my life have a wanted to shove a bucket of popcorn in someone's face more than i did today. i went to go watch narnia this afternoon at cerritos mall and discovered the most annoying movie-goer on the face of this earth - maybe even in the entire universe. the movie was going along perfectly fine and this guy (plus friends that were not anywhere near as annoying) came in a little while into the movie. he seemed normal except he ate his popcorn kind of obnoxiously. shoving handful after handful into his huge mouth and sipping his drink kind of loudly. didn't think much of it and tried to ignore it. then...he decided to open his mouth.

"this is stupid. that was so fake. that was retarded. this is boring. i wanna leave." i wish he would've just kept eating his stupid popcorn. and to add to all of his annoying comments, he was making me feel a bit uncomfortable because he was hogging the armrest and leaning way too close to me. and when he wasn't blubbering and complaining or eating his popcorn, he was picking his teeth to get pieces of popcorn out of them. extremely disgusting.

i wanted to leave so badly. but i controlled myself and sat in my seat the entire movie like a good little girl. i just wish azlan would've come out of the movie screen and eaten that guy right up. i swear, it would've turned it into the best movie i had ever seen in my life.

gavin's song.

"i wish you freedom. i wish you peace. i wish you nights of stars that beckon you to sleep. i wish you heartache that leaves you more of a man. i wish i could be there, but i can't.

i wish you places that sit so still where people never ever change, never ever will. i wish i could hold you and make you understand. i wish i could be there, but i can't.

be good for your mama cause she'll need a hand to hold. boy, she loves you more than you'll ever know. there are rhymes and there are reasons and times when nothing stayed the same, but you know my love still remains.

i wish you wisdom. i wish you years. i wish you all these to conquer all your fears. i wish you courage from all that life demands. i wish i could be there, but i can't.

be good for your mama cause she'll need a hand to hold. boy, she loves you more than you'll ever know. there are rhymes and there are reasons and times when nothing stayed the same, but you know my love still remains.

i wish we were together. i wish i was home. i wish there were nights where i was never alone. you know i've said it and i'll say it once again...

i wish i could be there, but i can't."

read these lyrics. please.

more band(aid).

(sorry the camera keeps moving. i was jittery. haha.)

(and lydia paek is amazing.)

Friday, May 23, 2008


nervous faces!

lydia paek!

olivia thai!

PASSION!!!!!!! <3333
akshdlkfashfd; i'm so happy right now. you don't even understand.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

prom 2008.

say cheese!

table ten.

dude, kelsy. haha.<3


on the deck.

long: "i spy something...orange."
athena: "is it that red blinking thing over there?"

yeah, okay. shh.

and there's a million more pictures, but i don't feel like posting them at the moment. :)

telephone tag.

long called karakash. karakash didn't know. long had to leave and i found vicky and sheena. karakash asked jeff chao. jeff chao didn't know either. i called my house. no one picked up. i called my house again. no one picked up. i called shane. he didn't know either. vicky's phone died. i used sheena's phone. house again - no one. i called jeff chao. i didn't know michael asked him. he still didn't know. gerard came. gerard had cory's number. i called cory. he answered. i talked to my sister. i went home.

and add to that: long called cory a couple times. he never answered. long called shane, too. he still didn't know. long called kathleen. kathleen called john choi. john choi called cory. he answered. finally.

i think i was already home.

Monday, May 05, 2008


without failure, i manage to play this game at least fifteen times every freaking day. i don't know how, but i always end up playing it somehow or another. i honestly don't think it's healthy how much i play. and i made a note the other day while i was playing: i play much better when i have a lot of stuff on my mind. i think playing helps me forget whatever i'm thinking about. and it fascinates me as to how someone even came up with this game. genius, yes. but how on earth...

anyway, conclusion. tetris is a fantastic stress reliever/boredom killer. but i warn you, don't get too addicted.

happiness is...

1. two and a half hour naps (when they're really only supposed to be an hour).
2. walks to dairy queen after school.
3. zero amount of homework over the weekend.
4. bounce houses!
5. peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
6. playing with ridiculously expensive/amazing cameras.
7. prom in 12 days.
8. having something to look forward to everyday, no matter how small.
9. sesame street band-aids.
10. being completely useful. (i.e. me)

so many things that make me happy, yet i still need to be happier.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


"something always brings me back to you. it never takes too long. no matter what i say or do i'll still feel you here 'til the moment i'm gone. you hold me without touch. you keep me without chains. i never wanted anything so much than to drown in your love and not feel your rain.

set me free, leave me be. i don't want to fall another moment into your gravity. here i am and i stand so tall, just the way i'm supposed to be. but you're on to me and all over me.

you loved me 'cause i'm fragile when i thought that i was strong. but you touch me for a little while and all my fragile strength is gone.

set me free, leave me be. i don't want to fall another moment into your gravity. here i am and i stand so tall, just the way i'm supposed to be. but you're on to me and all over me.

i live here on my knees as i try to make you see that you're everything i think i need here on the ground. but you're neither friend nor foe. though i can't seem to let you go. the one thing that i still know is that you're keeping me down. you're keeping me down. you're on to me and all over.

something always brings me back to you. it never takes too long..."

Friday, May 02, 2008

little things.

i was having a pretty crappy day until i signed onto facebook and read this: Michael Habashi wants you to SMILE.

i read it.
i smiled.
i was a little better.

and i was having a pretty crappy day until i signed on to aim and talked to her and she said this:
"Victoria Hoang" (9:18:53 PM): hahah. dude, if i had my license, i would have been out the door an hour ago and picked you up

my feet are sore, but maybe today will end okay.

Monday, April 28, 2008

quote of the day.

"when i'm stressed, my mind looks like mr. wittman's desk." - sheena.

Friday, April 25, 2008


i think melted twix might just be better than a normal twix. i did not enjoy writing that synthesis essay today. seriously, architecture? should've done what vicky did and just wrote to myself. i've decided, i am completely in love with our apush shirts. like....really. i don't think you can fully comprehend how happy it makes me. weird, right? yeah, cause i just realized what i wrote. whatever. walking to dairy queen in the heat for a $2 sundae is always worth it (as long as i have a car ride back). i watched a baseball game with kimly today. reminded me of last year and how much we used to hang out. i need more kimly time. i can't stop listening to this freaking song. dude, prom is less than a month away. that's a little scary. my pinky toe hurts. i need water. "better yourselves!"

"learn how to play!"

masterpiece created by: athena anduiza & kevin yoon

this is what kevin and i do in cluster when we find random things saved on the desktop of my computer. obviously, i won.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

the moon...

you don't normally think about it, and it doesn't really seem like it serves a purpose to you. but still, from time to time, you look up at it. and it makes you feel a little bit better.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

more of life.

4/21 - english presentation.
4/23 - prom fashion show & prices go up! (hurry it up, boys.)
4/25 - apush final & senior citizens prom.
4/26 - kimly's confirmation! (10am)
4/26 - harold & kumar, anyone? :)
4/30 - christine alvior's birthday.
4/28 to 5/2 - STAR testing.
5/3 - christine alvior's birthday party. (4pm - 12am)
5/5 to 5/16 - AP testing.
5/15 - RENT.
5/17 - prom! @ queen mary (7:30pm - 12am)
5/30 - choir show.
5/31 to 6/1 - relay for life @ lexington. (10am - 10am)

la la la...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

whether or not.

"i'm not nearly as poetic as i need to be to express, explain, or demonstrate what you mean to me. you're a golden ocean on a shore of bright white sand. i can feel your waves around me, take me by the hand, here on the sand.

and i'd wait until forever is through. whether or not you love me i'll be loving you. i'll wait until forever is through. whether or not you love me i'll be loving you. i'll be loving you.

in a complicated world you bring simplicity. cause when everybody's talking you're just listening. i've dreamed a thousand dreams and still nothing compares to the feeling that you give me when you're standing here. i don't care if it's fair or not.

i'll wait until forever is through. whether or not you love me i'll be loving you. i'll wait until forever is through. whether or not you love me i'll be loving you. i'll be loving you.

another day another dollar. another day to know you're answer. oh, my love. when will i have her here in my arms.

i'll wait until forever is through. whether or not you love me i'll be loving you. i'll wait until forever is through. whether or not you love me i'll be loving you. i'll wait until forever is through. whether or not you love me i'll be loving you. i'll be loving you..."

(gabe bondoc writes amazing lyrics.)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008