Wednesday, October 31, 2007


i believe i've finally figured it out. 'it' being why i can never remember my dreams that i have at night anymore. it's because during the day, i daydream so much that it takes up all the strength my brain has that would normally be used to dream at night. so basically, instead of dreaming while i'm asleep, i dream when i'm awake. weird, right? but seriously, this whole daydreaming thing that i have going on can be very inconvenient at times. when i walk around school, yes, i'm physically there. but mentally my mind is in la la land. it's kind of ridiculous how spaced out i always am these days...

and it's not even cause i have a whole bunch on my mind to think about. i literally dream. it's like this whole thing playing in my mind, scene by scene. it sounds freaky, right? and is. i don't even know how to describe it properly. it's the most random things ever that pop into my head. i don't get it. really, i don't.

the only good thing about this is that it makes the days go by way fast. like today, it doesn't even feel like i went to school. at least not for 6 hours. fortunately, i can say i haven't run into anything while walking during passing periods and daydreaming at the same time. although, my awareness of the environment around me is still quite limited. last week i was walking from my locker to mr. ramirez's room and on my way there, four different people at different times waved to me and i didn't even notice them until they called my name or something. i didn't notice kathleen until she was right next to me and grabbed my arm to get my attention, which snapped me out of whatever i was thinking about. and i didn't even notice victoria until she was waving her hand 2 centimeters from my face.

yea, i still can't describe it. haha, i don't know. never you mind.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

right now...

...and for the past, oh, 4-or-so hours, i have been doing everything humanly possibly (hence this post) to avoid writing my essay. so i'm thinking it's time to crack down on this thing. let's see what i can accomplish before 1:00, shall we? ihop better have good service tomorrow. (i'll be there in about 7 hours.........)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


so basically, i came home today and collapsed on my bed. literally. my legs felt like jell-o. the flip-flops i wore to school today = not made for all day walking. especially walking all the way to juice it up and back (plus to the community center and halfway back to school beforehand). i guess it was good though cause it burned off some of those calories i accumulated during the committee meeting today. leftovers will be the death of me...

and as i complain endlessly about being dead from all the walking i did after school, it was completely worth it. i think today has to be one of the best days of my junior year. if not the best. minus of course feeling really really bad about the whole hau incident...which was shane's fault!! scariest thing ever. aklsdjlkasjf; hahaha. but anyway, taking an hour and a half walk with shane was good for the mind. not worrying about crap and aww, he's so gay :) just ask him. HAHHAHA.

and then coming back to school and getting covered in paint by christina was a nice way to end my day. that was such sparta. but it was a sign of affection. i know it.

...PEACE IS CHEAPER! yea. happy tie-dye tuesday.

Monday, October 15, 2007

ok, it's alright with me.

"ok, it's alright with me. some things are just meant to be. it never comes easily and when it does i'm already gone. i'm practically never still. more likely to move until i end up alone at will. my life continues inching along. when bernadette comes i get lost on her time. she's much too sweet and she's always gonna be. when i return to her arms and her eyes it might not be the same but it's alright with me. ok, it's alright with me. some people are scared to see what's happening frequently, but i would never shy from a fight. heartbeat with a high demand often will go hand in hand, but i'm sick of just starting plans. i wanna spend the rest of my life..."

i like...

compliments. but really, who doesn't? it's on days like these that they can really make my day. it's funny how they can come from people you would never expect, too. those are always nice. but for me, it's best when they come from people that mean something to me. people that i know care. it's nice being reminded, you know? so thank you. "you're a great friend" too.

movie night!

mr. cannot be SIRIUS.
such a great night!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

jenna & john.

i love them!! if i had to pick which celebrities i'd want to meet most, it would have to be these two. thursday nights are the highlight of my week! :)

la la la...

[Luke and Jess apartment hunting]

JESS: Forget it.
LUKE: Why, what was wrong with that one?
JESS: It was pink.
LUKE: We can paint it.
JESS: You mean I can paint it.
LUKE: We can paint it together.
JESS: Great, then we can hold hands and skip afterwards.
LUKE: Fine, which one do you like?
JESS: The one before.
LUKE: The one with the two fridges?
LUKE: Well, the one before was the one with two fridges.
JESS: No, the one we saw before was the one with the cat.
LUKE: I hate cats.
JESS: Well, I don’t think the cat came with the place.
LUKE: Yeah, but it had carpeting which means it’s always gonna smell like a cat.
JESS: Clean the carpet.
LUKE: Paint the pink.
JESS: Fine, the one next to the bank.
LUKE: Too many windows.
JESS: What?
LUKE: Six windows all on one side, three o’clock in the afternoon – we’re sitting in an oven.
JESS: So we get curtains.
LUKE: Well, you’ll have to help me put them up.
JESS: Great, then we can hold hands and skip afterwards.
LUKE: Stop saying that.
JESS: You know what, I don’t care. Pick whichever one you want.
LUKE: I’m not picking by myself.
JESS: You’re the one who wants to move.
LUKE: Oh, so you like living the way we do?
JESS: Fine by me.
LUKE: No space, no privacy.
JESS: I got plenty of privacy.
LUKE: Yeah, because I’m sitting downstairs in the dark watching a two-inch TV.


island's adventure.

bonding over food is the best type of bonding. :)