Wednesday, July 23, 2008

sunday morning.

actually, it was really wednesday afternoon. she was sitting in her room. breeze coming through the window. dog rolling around in her bed. happy. it was just one of those moments where she took the time to stop and think. the good kind of thinking though. not the kind that gets her all confused. life is good. wait, no. amazing. yeah, the good kind.

what got her into this mood, you ask? well, it might have been the sound of her mom listening to maroon 5 in the living room and having it slip sweetly through the cracks into her own room. it might have been the fact that she could be getting a new puppy on friday. i might have been the anticipation for an exciting weekend. it might have been the satisfying feeling of not being behind in summer homework. it might have been realizing that this is probably one of the funnest summers she's had so far. i might have been because, well...

just cause.


rOnaMaGlian said...

haha yehhh. jordan pruitt!! i dont need disney channel to know whatsupp. that just shows how much of my life i waste on youtube. hahaha. woo.

i WAS ahead on summer hw...then i took a two week break. and now im waaay behind on my schedule. agh. hahaha. i blame youtube.

kimlypv said...

let's reenact this picture.