Sunday, August 23, 2009

walking with the breeze.

today i took a walk to the park. i stepped out the door with the intentions of taking on this walk alone. but as soon as i stepped out onto the street, i found a companion. i could talk to my companion, but my companion would not talk back. i could reach out my hand to my companion, but my companion could not hold on to it. my companion could see me, but i could not see my companion. it was as if i was walking with someone that wasn't really there... yet i didn't feel alone.

we reached the park, and as i laid down, i could feel my new found friend surrounding me, as if i were a child that needed a safety blanket. the minutes passed and i said not a word. but as soon as i got up to leave, i felt as if i had just had the best conversation i have had with anyone in a while.

then on my way home, i realized my companion was gone. as i walked, i looked around to find her in the trees, but the leaves did not stir. i looked for her in the streets, but everything stayed motionless. i suddenly felt alone.

i walked quicker towards home and about a block away, my companion came back. she stayed with me the rest of the way home and as i stepped inside, i was glad to have made a new friend. but then i realized something. this wasn't a new friend. i have had this friend all along.

"love is like the wind... you can’t see it, but you can feel it"

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