Sunday, November 29, 2009


i think i just had one of the best breaks ever...

wednesday: woke up at 8 AM sharp to get ready for disneyland with jeff and kimly! i hadn't been to disneyland in soo long (a whole year!) so it felt really nice to walk around the park again. but more importantly, i hadn't hung out with jeff or kimly for forever. luckily, it felt like no time had passed at all. i'm really glad we went. thank you jeffrey!

then as i was sitting at home around 9:00, just about to take a nap, kathleen calls me! and soon enough i was out the door heading to seal beach with tara and kathleen, two people that i have missed more than anything. we got to seal beach, popped open the trunk, and just laid there looking towards the ocean. then we headed to in-n-out once we got kicked out of the closing beach and stayed there 'til about midnight.

man, that was a good day.

thursday: thanksgiving! and sister's birthday. it's a good thing they were on the same day this year. otherwise, i would have eaten twice as much. haha. so we ate dinner at home, then at around 11 gerard came and picked me up and off to cabazon we went! although, it was definitely not that easy. hahaha. sigh... it took us 3 hours to get there because we took the wrong stupid freeway and halfway through gerard had to fix some rattling sound coming from his car. so instead of driving a mere 77 miles, we ended up driving about 230 miles :) ah well, it made for a good story. plus, he got really good parking as soon as we got there so that made up for it. so after all that shopping we had breakfast at denny's, took a nap for about 30 minutes in his car, then headed home. needless to say, as soon as i got home, i knocked out.

friday: so after my little napping session of about 4 hours, it was time to get ready for dinner with my girls!! 7:00 rolled around and before i knew it i was seated at a table at olive garden surrounded by 6 beautiful ladies that i have truly missed. there was a point in time where everyone was just talking and laughing and catching up and i just looked around the table and watched everyone. nothing could have made me happier than to be there at that very moment. then after dinner we had our sleepover, watched the ugly truth, played some charades, and then knocked out in an amazingly comfortable bed. sorry for scratching you while i slept kimly :( haha

saturday: another busy day was ahead. kathleen and i headed over to ms. sizer's wedding party at around 2 and hung around there for about an hour. then i came home to change and everything for mr. o's after-thanksgiving shindig. oh, to be in their home again. it felt so wonderful to be around their family again and to see that they are all just as happy as ever. the girls are getting so big! but are all so beautiful.

and that was the last of my adventures. today, i stayed home thinking about how thankful i am to have people in my life that can make me so happy by just being around me. their presence alone is enough. more than enough actually.

thank you.

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kimlypv said...

You're welcome! And no worries about the scratch. Hahaha.