Tuesday, January 12, 2010

happy people.

"happy people should have happy things happen to them."

i didn't go out at all today and i had nothing to do, so i spent the day watching grey's anatomy. this is pretty much what i do late at night or whenever i don't feel like getting out of bed. but watching episode after episode is an amazing feat, considering that every. single. episode. is extremely depressing. a mother losing her unborn child, a man who's fiancée left him because she couldn't stand seeing him weak with cancer, a daughter going into a routine surgery and coming out blind or paralyzed. very very depressing.

but what makes the situation even more unbearable is that the majority of the patients who get admitted into the hospital for life threatening illnesses (or those that succumb to those illnesses) never deserve to be there, to have to suffer, or to have to die. if you think about it, there is no one who really deserves that. but these people...they're normal people. they live normal lives. they're happy. then all of a sudden their world is turned upside down and they feel helpless. then they're not happy anymore.

happy people should have happy things happen to them. but i guess if any of us want to know what true happiness is, we must also know pain and suffering. only then can we understand the power of happiness.

i need to stop letting tv shows affect me so much.


Jeff said...

I was just thinking about the same thing recently and came across this: 2 Nephi chapter 2.

o.j miñarro said...
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