Sunday, February 14, 2010

my funky valentine.

today i was in a funk. it wasn't a big funk, just a little one. but a funk nonetheless. i sat in bed for hours not doing anything but wasting away time on the internet. i can't even tell you half the things i did mainly because i can't remember. seriously... mindless surfing. the funk lingered on and i could not shake it. i watched a movie. i took some tylenol. i ate a brownie. relentless. then midnight rolled around. you'd think this would make my funk somewhat funkier considering it's valentine's day and here i am sans valentine.

but my funk has left the building! thank you, world, for showing me i've got people to love who love me back. i was right; i don't have a valentine this year. i've got plenty.


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Lunette de soleil Cartier said...

ok.trop cool et je reviendrai la prochaine fois.

dunk high said...

ok.trop cool et je reviendrai la prochaine fois.

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