Thursday, September 28, 2006

this bitter taste won't go away.

rOnaMaGlian [8:36:19 PM]: is being too nice a bad thing sometimes?

same problem at the exact same time; once again. are we too nice? is there even such thing as too nice? i never thought so. but, now, i don't know. i'm not saying i'm gonna stop being nice or whatever it is that i'm doing, cause that's not who i am. but i'm just wondering how by doing a good thing, such as being nice, can get you into a situation that you don't wanna deal with. is this my fault? should this be my fault? i've done nothing wrong. but it feels like i have. cause when you're nice to someone, you expect them to be nice to you too, right? sometimes i forget that. at the moment, i think i'm the most misleading person in the entire world. i don't mean to be though. i promise. i'm not gonna go off and be mean and stuff, but how do you get someone to give you space? how do you distance yourself from someone without completely shutting them out? my head hurts. =(


rona`bona said...

why must we go through this?

i need you athenaa "/

Jeff (: said...

HEY!!! you're not sounding very happy. Please let me know. I'll make it all better... YEAH?? ok well bye and please don't ever stop being nice. I loove nice. Why do poeple have to be so mean and hurtful?

kimlypv said...

hahaha. jeff's comment is cuute. ahh...naive child. naive children in general. but yah..being mean isn't a good alternative.

Shane said...

hahahah even before i read kimly's comment and i saw jeffs, i saw... "aww how nice!!!" hahahahahah. if i walked in your socks and i'll feel confused too. just dont be mean? welll you've ALWAYS been mean to shane but dont be any meaner to shane!!! hahahahaha