Tuesday, October 03, 2006


hmmkimlysthinkin [11:42:37 PM]: how 's life, alexa?

you have no idea how much that threw me off. hahahh. no one has called me that since.. i don't even know. oh wait, since the first day of school. when all the teachers were learning names and calling role. they called alexa. :) anyway, i don't know. it just got me thinking. i'd rather go by athena cause i don't know anyone else with that name. i like it that way. cause when someone calls my name, i know they're calling me. although, these days, rona now responds to my name. hahah. ;) and apparantley, alexa doesn't fit me. i never thought so either, but then when i ask, people say it doesn't fit me. athena's better, no? i think so.

random blog, i know.


Albert Lowe said...


xUHTHEENUH: i like athena better anywway, cause no one i know has that name
xUHTHEENUH: muahhaa
AlBeRtO tAcOs: thats true
AlBeRtO tAcOs: you are the only athena that i know
AlBeRtO tAcOs: and alexa for that matter
AlBeRtO tAcOs: so hi
AlBeRtO tAcOs: Alexa

this isn't in exact words, b/c there was some outta context, random stuff there, but yeah..

random comment for a random blog
*high fives*

kimlypv said...

embrace your name, girl.

KIMLY: alexa doesn't do you justice.
KIMLY: athena is CRAZY unique and basically fits you cause you, my friend, were born to stand out.
KIMLY: aww wasn't that nice as hell?
KIMLY: puhahaha.
ATHENA: mann, willl that get blogged.

chyeahh. can i say the sweetest, most cheesy crap, or what? muahaha.

ps. my convos with athena own your's, albert.

Albert Lowe said...

right kimly,
and they should call you chester because you are daaangerously cheezy

kimlypv said...

...speak for yourself.

Albert Lowe said...

sry, but you said it first, not me

i thought it was a compliment..

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA that was funny albert. XD
i'm so easily amused...HAHA.

athena is WAAY better than alexa...cuz i knew an alexa.. and you know which one im talking about...i never really liked her much. so ATHENA is waayy better (:

it's not my fault i respond to athena now...dang mr. clifton...
and he called me smith....


i love ATHENA anduiza! (:

rona`bona said...

oops. that was me. haha XD

sheesh. all these identity criseses!


rona`bona said...

ohboy. i spelled it wrong.


hahaha okay. this is my last comment for this blog...

hahahhaha <3

Mr. i like your name said...

Your name rocks. and Alexa makes me think of an Alex. And you don't seem like an Alex. And i totally agree with Kimly, you deserve an awesome name like Athena.

So, Did you make someone's day today? Go do it.
Athena Anduiza is Sooo cool!