Monday, October 23, 2006

just try, please.

aside from the fact that as i sit here surrounded by my agenda, a pile of textbooks waiting to be cracked open, and loose papers from random subjects not yet completed, i can't help but feel that life is finally how i've wished it to be for the past 3 weeks. these past weeks i've been out of it; i haven't been myself. some may have noticed, some may have not. yes, i was sick, but not just the sneezing, coughing, shivering, funny-sounding voice kind of sick. i was sick of school. sick of homework. sick of people. and sick of how things were going in general. but suddenly, it finally hit me. my life is good. great, in fact. i should be thankful for eveything i have and not waste my time being.. whatever i was being. despite what i may feel at the moment, i've got it better than a lot of people. i've got the most incredible family and the most amazing friends. i could never ask for more. so now, as i look back and remember how terrible i felt, i know now that i'd hate to see other people having a bad week, a bad day, or just a bad hour. you can do a lot to make people feel a thousand times better. if you see someone having a bad day, try and help them. a lot of people don't try and do anything when they see someone in a bad mood cause they're scared that the person would just get angry since they're already in a bad mood. when, really, it'd brighten their day like no other if you'd simply talk to them. maybe just a simple hug, a few kind words, or just a little smile from across the room can help more than you think it can. i know it did for me.


Anonymous said...

the attitude, the objectivity, the mindset, the approach, the beauty of perspective.

kimlypv said...

chyeah. yay for happiness after weeks of crappy-moody-no-fun-and-scary-glares.

somebody's hero said...

.. Who's Anony ?

Thanks for doing your job .