Saturday, March 10, 2007

last minute plans.

on the right is tin & on the left is a-tin. they're friends. they like to bowl together. like they did today. even though tin gives a-tin free strikes unintentionally. that's what friends do. tin makes a-tin eat too much when she's around her. she makes funny faces in her ice cream and gives inappropriate magazines to little girls to read. hahaha. just keeding. and i think i went deaf. thanks a lot justin timberlake...

...yeah that pretty much sums up my day. thank you for saving me from my homework, christina. i think my eyes would have fallen out sooner or later from all that staring.


shane said...

if i never gave those nicknames, i wonder how that story would be... hmmm... HAHAHA



cuhh-razyyy dayy wadn't it?
shane missed OUUTT!!
jealous much shane? HUH?!

for the record, i won.
you just got my free strikes :D

& today at rona'
i can never get enough of you (:

too cool. too cool.
you're good people, athena.