Friday, August 10, 2007

around and around.

have you ever had a sudden urge to do something completely out of the blue? an urge that would've made you go crazy if you didn't get to do that certain something? well, after today i can say that i have. i had an urge to run. it was weird, considering i hadn't run since who knows when. and the second before this aforesaid urge surfaced, i was lying on my parents bed watching full house with the thought of physical activity miles away from my brain. nevertheless, i'm glad i got out and ran. it felt good (even though i was much more tired afterwards than i should've been).

i ran to school from my house, sat outside school, ran in and around the school, walked around the school, sat in the grass at school, and thought. i think that's what i like most about running (besides the whole "it's healthy for you thing"). i get to think. after i left school i headed back home and stopped to rest at the park. my thinking process went into overdrive there. it was good though. then a little while after i left the park jeff called and i talked to him the rest of the way home (with loud, annoying trucks, construction workers speaking spanish, and music playing from cars all in the background). i walked around my elementary school for a while, too. i wasn't paying attention to my surroundings much, but it still seemed different. in a really weird way. hm.

and then i came home with enough time to take a shower before gilmore girls started :)

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