Wednesday, August 22, 2007


to me, a day that would prove to be successful is a day that is lived to it's fullest extent. a day that literally leaves you sore from all the things that were done throughout those waking hours. for me, i have been awake for more hours than could possibly be healthy (considering i only had 3 hours of sleep), but despite my complete hatred of my alarm clock for ringing at 6:00 in the morning, i have managed to make today quite the adventure.

the night before i stayed up until 3:00 in the morning playing pool online with gerard (new goal in life: beat him fair and square and not because he shoots the 8-ball in). and let me tell you, that game is ridiculously addicting. anyway, my alarm goes off at 6:00 this morning, so i turn it off and accidentally fall back asleep for another 30 minutes. whoops :) (but those 30 minutes could very well be the reason i didn't pass out during the day). i got to school at around 7:10 and committee set up for the carwash. i had lots and lots of fun. it was a little slow in the beginning, but near the end we got a lot more cars. yay. it was a good 5 hours of work. although i wasn't working the whole time. CAN I HAVE YO NUMBAAH?!? hahaha. and just so you all know, kim shouldn't be working at juice it up. she needs to be a salesperson or something. hahaha. she has great tactics ;D

so then after we cleaned up, shane took me, rona, and gerard to starbucks and gaby followed in her car. then shane dropped off gerard at his house and on the way there shane became lane-changing happy. i felt bad for gaby cause she didn't know where she was going and she was just following shane. hahahah. but anyway, then shane dropped me off at school and my dad picked me up at 1.

while i was at home and sitting in front of the computer, i was really really hyper and wanted to get out soo badly. so i looked out my window and realized that it was good running weather. i mean, it was hot but there was a nice wind, so i went for it. got out at 1:30 and ran for a little over an hour (not the whole time of course). went from my house to del taco, then back to school, then around the school, then back home. i took lots of stops though. it felt really good. except for the part where i got a really bad side cramp. oh well. and within that one hour, i managed to create two new tans -_- a sports bra tan and a tank top tan. gahhh. now i have three. whatever. hopefully those two will go away on friday. (ahhhh, friday! :DDD)

so i came home and showered cause i felt disgusting. did stuff and then took a nap cause i was BEAT. woke up at around 5:30-ish and got ready to go hang out with kimly (finally). i got to bpm at 7:00 and walked around with my mom and sister for a while, then left them to go buy tickets. i walked out to where krikorian was and my ears were bombarded with music of some band that was performing there. it was weird. haha. so kimly shows up and we start walking to our theater and then some guy passes by us and he looks at me and he's like "hey." and i just look at him and give a little nod or whatever and me and kimly keep walking and then he's like "you're cute" and i was like..."thanks". and proceeded to walk at a faster pace. EW x 1,000,000,000,000.

becoming jane turned out to be cute, but really sad. haha. and the previews before were really good. yay. (something to remember: never make me miss previews!) and that was basically the end of my day. i loved today. and i never want summer to end :( fat chance though, considering this is registration week and all. meaning: school is in the near future. boooo. oh well. FRIDAY!

lesson of the day: the good really does always outweigh the bad :)


rOnaMaGlian said...

hahah you're so nice athena. you said 'thanks.' i would have just stared at him disgustingly..HAHA.

Jeff said...

Maybe he just has a good Eye for these things. :)

JEFFREY said...

I play pool with my dad all the time, and I'm always losing really bably until my dad goes to hit the eight ball. He either hit's it in the wrong pocket, or scratches while hitting it in. and I win, but I hate it whenit happens because I don't think I've ever beat him fair and square, like you said. by the way I use those same words, "Fair and Square" haha