Wednesday, October 31, 2007


i believe i've finally figured it out. 'it' being why i can never remember my dreams that i have at night anymore. it's because during the day, i daydream so much that it takes up all the strength my brain has that would normally be used to dream at night. so basically, instead of dreaming while i'm asleep, i dream when i'm awake. weird, right? but seriously, this whole daydreaming thing that i have going on can be very inconvenient at times. when i walk around school, yes, i'm physically there. but mentally my mind is in la la land. it's kind of ridiculous how spaced out i always am these days...

and it's not even cause i have a whole bunch on my mind to think about. i literally dream. it's like this whole thing playing in my mind, scene by scene. it sounds freaky, right? and is. i don't even know how to describe it properly. it's the most random things ever that pop into my head. i don't get it. really, i don't.

the only good thing about this is that it makes the days go by way fast. like today, it doesn't even feel like i went to school. at least not for 6 hours. fortunately, i can say i haven't run into anything while walking during passing periods and daydreaming at the same time. although, my awareness of the environment around me is still quite limited. last week i was walking from my locker to mr. ramirez's room and on my way there, four different people at different times waved to me and i didn't even notice them until they called my name or something. i didn't notice kathleen until she was right next to me and grabbed my arm to get my attention, which snapped me out of whatever i was thinking about. and i didn't even notice victoria until she was waving her hand 2 centimeters from my face.

yea, i still can't describe it. haha, i don't know. never you mind.

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