Tuesday, November 06, 2007


"reach up." - kimly.

as lame as it might have looked to people passing by in their cars, it was a very enlightening moment for me. two girls walking through the neighborhood looking up at the sky and reaching for something that wasn't necessarily even there. doesn't make much sense, right? (just looked like we were trying to catch a fly or something.) but to the girl who is still trying to figure out this world, it made perfect sense. i never really stopped to think how big the world really is, but when i stuck my hand up towards the sky today, i think it kinda just hit me. never in my life have i ever felt so small. the best thing about it was that despite the fact that i am small compared to this huge earth and that i am just one person out of 6 billion that inhabit it, i am not insignificant. sometimes it takes time with people you really love to figure that out.


kimlypv said...

yup, and i figured that out at the age of 6! i'm so wise.. puahaha.

athena. said...

i thank you for your wisdom :D

christina magalona said...

enlightening (:
love it.

it makes me want nerds.
sour on the outside sweet on the inside; so small yet so good.