Saturday, November 10, 2007

survivor man.

so i didn't get to watch the office on thursday cause my mind was being lame and not keeping track of the time, so i just missed it. but luckily anaoshak and raghav missed it too. so last night at the sleepover after we watched zoolander we hopped onto the internet and watched it on nbc's website. and let me tell you, i love watching the office with other people! it makes it twenty-four and a half times better than watching it on your own. i guess that goes for watching anything, but i mean when you have other office fanatics around you, it's pretty awesome. cause for people who don't watch it on a regular basis, the office isn't that funny to them cause they don't really get it (their loss). anyway, it was a super funny episode. i wish it would go back to an hour.

Toby: Ryan invited me to go on his wilderness adventure retreat. It was this amazing, beautiful, it--
[Michael bangs on conference room window]
Michael: Hey! Nobody cares. Nobody cares... I need that room, at some point so, just... wrap it up!
Toby: Michael wasn't invited.

Michael: When I return, I hope to be a completely changed human being.
Jim: That'd be great.

and the best ending ever...
Michael: Just wait. 10 years, you'll figure it out.
Jim: Well, I don't think I'll be here in 10 years, but...
Michael: That's what I said. [pause] That's what she said.
Jim: That's what who said?
Michael: I never know. I just say it. I say stuff like that, you know, to lighten the tension, when things sort of get hard--
Jim: That's what she said.
Michael: Hey! Nice! Really good. [pause] Bravo. My young 'ward.

the office makes me happy.

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