Saturday, June 28, 2008


sitting in the living room. no fan blowing. just music playing. feeling a little sticky. thinking random thoughts...

today is the 10th day of summer vacation. i woke up late this morning. and i only woke up cause someone texted me. i hate waking up late. makes me feel gross. it's 2:42 right now. don't know if that statement served any purpose, but oh well. i want to see wall-e really badly. i watch waaay too many movies for my own good. i've already spent a good amount of my time in the movie theaters. not that i'm complaining. movies make me happy. like mangoes and late night phone calls. speaking of late nights, i've been having many of those lately. but okay, for me, late nights are nights that i stay up until 2 in the morning. yes, that's late. but many people stay up a lot later. ridiculous. anywho, it's getting kind of hot. need to go to the beach again. soon. my mom is watching jersey girl right now. i feel like watching.

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