Sunday, June 01, 2008


a little story of how things just seemed to work out...

committee applications were due friday, may 23. i had thought about it for a long time and i was iffy on whether or not i really wanted to do committee again. i don't really understand why i couldn't make up my mind. but the twenty-third rolled around and i didn't turn in an application. i was apathetic about it all so i didn't really care. then over that weekend, i started thinking. then i asked myself: what was i thinking? how could i possibly not want to be on committee again? especially for senior year. honestly, athena? what were you thinking?

but it was too late. jake told people that if they didn't turn in an application on friday, they could e-mail one to him over the weekend. the weekend was over. it was late. so i just went to bed. full of regret.

then tuesday night i was talking to jake and asked him about applications and stuff. then he told me something that made absolutely no sense: "don't worry. kat got your application." and of course, the only thing i could think of to say was, "...what?" he told me that kat got my application, but she lost it. i told him i didn't even turn in an application. so he just told me not to worry about it because i was already on the interview list.

i had my interview at 3:56 on thursday afternoon. it went perfectly. i am now comfortably in the 2009 senior class committee. i don't know why i cared so much about this. but i did and i do. and i'm still wondering how kat even thought she got my application. i guess...

it's fate.

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