Monday, May 04, 2009


jackie: what's your name?
me: athena
jackie: what's your favorite ice cream?
me: haha, cookies and cream.
jackie: me too!

she then proceeds to talk about how cookies and cream is the best ice cream in the world and no one can ever beat it, not even superman. oh, and she has a huge bucket of it at home. the ones you get from ralphs for real cheap.

this is why i like little kids. they ask you your name, but then the first logical question that comes into their mind after that is what your favorite ice cream is. not "what school are you going to next year?" or "what are you planning on majoring in?" or my all time favorite "so, what are you planning to do with your life?"

the kid just wants to know the ice cream that makes me the happiest. and i appreciate that.

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RachelB said...

i hate hate hate those questions too!!!