Wednesday, October 03, 2012

thoughts & things.

1. to whoever invented chai tea lattes, i love you.
2. to whoever left that wad of gum under the desk i sat at today, i hate you.
3. i spent $200 today alone. only $50 of that was necessary (gas). the rest... well, i have issues (retail therapy).
4. i'm moving in exactly 16 days and i have yet to start packing any of my crap. i'm doomed.
5. thing i learned this weekend: forgiving is easy, forgetting is hard.
6. i tried to start breaking bad, but i couldn't get into it. (sorry everyone in the world)
7. there was a new puppy at work today and he was sooo cute, but he made a run in my sweater. dilemma.
8. i think i've been using the word "bleak" incorrectly my whole life.
9. i dont think i would mind it being so hot if i could actually go to the beach more often, but since i can't, i'm over it.
10. pizookies make everything better.

is it friday yet?

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Marie Walch said...

That's funny. =)