Sunday, April 29, 2007

let's hear it for the boys.

..........WOAH, baby. that was the most freaking amazing/intense/gratifying game i have ever been to.

hour long car ride. beach in view. ipod-and-me time. nap. malibu. roaming deer. pepperdine university. firestone fieldhouse. warm up. balls hitting spectators. pizza pretzels. annoying pepperdine fans. #2 taylor wilson! what a cutie. irvine losing. down two games to nothing. "you're breaking my balls!". a million and two service errors. frustration. crazy cheering. jayson jablonski! irvine wins next game. 2-1. "man boobs!". volleyball = almost stolen. 2-2. game 5. "sideout!" "but why?" HAHHA. number 9 the butt-picker. awkward. 14-15. irvine wins next point. final score: 14-16; uc irvine dominates. we go insane. another hour long car ride. home.

pretty much one of the best saturdays ever.


kimlypv said...

jealousy. to the MAX.

Jeff said...

That was really fun. But you forgot the part where you were so tired when we got home that you almost took my jacket home with you. And you didn't even have it on. haha

James Li said...

something worth going :D
sounds very exciting

yup, the 2nd one is great.

kathleen said...

oh athena. i'm not an amazing person.
you are :)