Sunday, April 15, 2007

so long, spring break.

after a much needed week of rest and relaxation, spring break is officially, dare i say it, over. tomorrow we shall once again step on to school grounds facing hours of work, racking our brains with knowledge. and i find it fascinating that i am not in the least bit dreading it as much as i thought i would. this is good, no? maybe it's because i have filled myself to a dangerously high capacity with freedom, movies, friends, family, and all of the good stuff that i missed ever-so-much while school was taking place. and i must say, i am very content with all the fun i've had this break...

movies watched:
- tmnt
- moulin rouge
- pursuit of happyness
- disturbia
- never been kissed
- life is beautiful
- pretty in pink

- christina's
- kimly's

- VIP buffet
- mall at orange with mom and sister
- helped sister pick out prom dress (pretty! :D)

- finished all homework wednesday
- got election stuff done with christina

- beach!
- haircut.

and now, i am left with only a couple more hours until sleep must come over me and i must awaken before the sun has even risen to dive into an "ordinary" weekday. tomorrow i shall walk onto campus with those ever-so-famous-words of duckie dale lingering in my head...

"welcome to another day of higher education."


shane said...

you've done soo much than me....

kimlypv said...