Monday, June 25, 2007

move on, athena.

have you ever had that moment where one thing just goes wrong and it's like your whole day is totally ruined? yeah, i just did. aklsdgn; so you know how we have to do the introduction thing for spencer on well, i was just doing that and i have to admit it was pretty good. i was satisfied. greatly. so naturally, when i finished i clicked on the submit button. but when i clicked on it, it redirected me to the homepage and said i wasn't logged in. preposterous! so then, i simply log back in and go back to the discussion board to check if my post was there. and of course with my kind of luck...

...IT WASN'T!! the exact words out of my mouth when i saw it wasn't there? and i quote, "you can NOT be serious." (just imagine that with my jaw dropped and eyes wide. then you've got it.) all that time spent typing up what would be the very first impression my AP english teacher would have of me and i lose it all. i was sooo mad. you have no idea. i typed up so much! and i did NOT want to do it all again. and yet, i had to.

rawr. i just finished retyping my introduction. it's kinda the same as my first one. but i don't think it's as good. oh well. what's done is done.

(okay, so i think i TOTALLY overreacted at first, but whatever. i was in the moment. haha. and i just realized what a ridiculous word preposterous is. hahahahhahahha. oh geez...)


Albert Lowe said...

wow that sucks,
but i actually went to read what you wrote
good stuff

and guess what?
i got a 89.2% in history!
and the reason why i got it is even worse...

but basicalmente, preposterous is one of my favorite words ever

chris to the tina MAGIZZLE said...

"we move along"

i called you monday, so we could do things, and you didn't pick up your phone ):


but, seriously, no pressure to start (:

but basically, it's a MUST.

or innocent lives will be lost.

ehh. neh. too far.


kimlypv said...

THANK YOU for this post cause the exact thing happened to me. and i felt like this might happen so i copied it before i tried to submit it.