Saturday, February 09, 2008

my string cheese.

in case you didn't know, yesterday was a very important day. THE WORLD TURNED SEVENTEEN. yep. the world, of course, meaning a certain little lady named tara theresa ann millspaugh...

i hardly knew tara in 9th grade, but last year we grew out of being acquaintances and turned into actual friends. kind of hard not to after having class after class with her. but still, i think our friendship would have been inevitable. how could anyone resist being friends with someone who refuses to not be happy? you really can't. she is one of the greatest "pick-me up people" ever. when i'm mad about something, she'll be mad with me. when i'm happy about something, she'll be happy for me. i like that.

we've done so much together this year that i'm surprised we're not sick of each other yet. i think that may be attributed to the fact that almost half of the time we're together, we're taking naps. haha. but really. longboarding, pigging out, screaming out songs whose lyrics we don't know, running around haunted houses, "crossing borders", laughing so hard in cluster that mrs. hale questions our sanity....really, this list is never ending.

so i hope it was a perfect birthday, tara. although, after getting those cupcakes, i'm pretty sure i'd be an idiot to say it wasn't perfect :)

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