Wednesday, February 06, 2008

oink, oink.

incident #1: i was talking to jeff on the phone while i was resting for a little while in front of oak knoll park after running, right? it was a pretty peaceful environment: people walking home from school, cars passing by, a little wind coming my way. and as i'm sitting there on the grass and talking, i'm watching the cars pass by. then, i notice one of those construction trucks driving by. you know, the small white ones with a whole bunch of tools sticking out in the back with mexicans driving them (not to be racist or anything....) i look at the guy and he looks back at me and then out of nowhere, HE BLOWS ME A KISS. what on earth is this guy thinking?!? i wanted to puke. on him. i'm not even kidding. so i hang up with jeff cause i needed to get that disgusting feeling off of me, so i decided to keep running.

incident #2: so i keep on running and i get down to del taco then turn around to go back towards school. about five minutes after starting the other way, another white truck passes by. i see it and kind of give a disgusted face and just hope in my mind that it passes without doing anything stupid. it was slowly passing me and i thought i was in the clear, but obviously i was wrong. as the driver is driving, he passes me, but then turns his stupid head around and whistles at me. can you say barf-o-rama?

incident #3: yup. less than 5 minutes later....another truck. but you know what? i'm kinda really sick of talking about this. let's just say the guy was stupid, too.

welcome to PIG CITY, my friends.

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kimlypv said...

ew x 100. i feel for you, friend. you're just too good lookin'. so glad i don't have to go through that. haha.