Sunday, February 24, 2008

opening to closing.

^those puppies were dead by the end of the day. but wow, it was worth the pain. as hard as it is to believe, this picture shows my feet touching california adventure ground for the first time in my life. i'm really bummed my camera ran out of batteries early in the day. like, really bummed. but that's alright. the memories are in my head. (which is good considering the fantastic memory i have. hahaha.) for 13 hours, from 11:30am to 12:30am, i was in a complete state of bliss (minus the feet and occasional moments of wilting). even after getting drenched on grizzly, i was still happy (even though disneyland is NOT the happiest place on earth ;]). the rain couldn't even rain on my parade. (even though it literally did and we couldn't watch the electrical parade...hahaha.) still bummed about the fireworks, but it's okay cause we got time to ride more rides. jameson seriously is the master of disneyland. it's ridiculous.

and then today, victoria and i were at cerritos mall almost from opening to closing, too. we got there at 11:30 and left at 6:30....the mall opens at 10 and closes at 7. my feet gave way a little in the beginning cause of all the walking i did yesterday, but after resting a lot in american eagle and (and listening to vicky scream into the phone...hahah) i was pretty okay. and i got my homework done real fast when i came home, too! yay me.

i should have worn a pedometer this weekend to see how much i walked. 13 hours of walking at disneyland (mixed in with some running) and 7 hours of walking at the mall. okay nevermind. now that i think about it, i shouldn't have worn one. it would have exploded.


Albert Lowe said...

so i read the first sentence
and i guess i didnt really get it
and was totally bummed out cuz i thought some puppies died

but hooray for having fun!

David said...

think of all the calories burned..