Friday, May 30, 2008


"let's just put it this way: i've been praying. i don't pray."

i can't believe they're doing this to her. you can't just do this to a person. it's not fair. she told me that for the first time, she's finally found a place she loves coming to. and now...they just decide that they're gonna ship her off somewhere else? and they tell her that she should be happy that she still has a job, but that's the stupidest thing i've ever heard. how do you expect someone to be happy about this situation at all?

maybe i don't understand the logistics of it all, but what i do understand is that i don't want her to leave. i hate it when people leave. it's not fair. she belongs here.


Jeff said...

what is this about?? is this a movie?

David said...

i heard about this i think. i still don't know who, but man, this budget cut will hurt many, many people. we're already hurt by the imminent loss of mr. breslin... :(

Albert Lowe said...

i concur

Anonymous said...

chhhrrrriissstt!! I hate sites that automatically load up sound.....on very high volume at that!