Saturday, November 22, 2008

an apple a day.

so today, being more bored than usual because everyone seemed to be busy, i went through some of my old files on my laptop. found some funny quotes, surfaced some embarrassing pictures, and realized that i used to have way too much time on my hands. but the real point of this post is to share a story i found. i saved it on a word document a long, long time ago after i watched an episode of oprah. and after discovering it this afternoon and reading it as if for the first time, my belief in destiny has been overwhelmingly renewed...

before i begin this story, i apologize in not remembering the actual names of the people. don't know why i didn't write it down. but anyway, to make this story come alive, i will give the people my own names. they will from this point forward be known as robert and julia.

when robert was fourteen years old he, as well as his entire family, were placed in a concentration camp in germany during the time of the holocaust. one day, he was walking along the fence and spotted a girl on the other side. she comes up and introduces herself as julia. as starving as he was, robert asks her if she has any food and she gives him an apple. julia was hiding from the nazis as well and she had fled poland with her family and was now living in germany pretending to be christian. the two young teenagers instantly became friends and for the next 7 months, juila came every single day to give him an apple.

then one day, robert told her that she shouldn't come back the next day because he was being transfered to a different concentration camp. that was the last time they saw each other. then after the jews were liberated, robert was free and began a normal life. years later, when he was in his late 20s, his friend set him up on a blind date. so he went on the date and began making small talk with the woman. they continued talking and the girl asked him where he was during the war because she knew that he was jewish, etc, etc. so robert told her about the concentration camp and she says "oh! i used to go to that camp and give apples to a boy for about 7 months." and then it kinda hit him. he then asked her "did the boy tell you to stop coming the next day because he was leaving?" she said yes. then he realized it was his julia, told her he was that boy she befriended so many years ago, and proposed right then and there.

they've been married ever since.

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