Sunday, November 23, 2008

sincerely, athena.

i may have signed the letter, but i am far from finished. people tend to underestimate the power of postscripts, don't they? they read the letter and are satisfied when they are finished with it and see the signature at the end. and then they see the little “p.s.” they assume it was hastily written and of less importance since it wasn’t significant enough to figure into the body of the letter. but maybe, just maybe, that postscript was the most important part of the letter. so important that it HAD to be by itself. somehow, give it a little emphasis. not something like, “p.s. can i borrow your sweater?” or “p.s. i’ll call you at 5.” i was thinking something more along the lines of, “p.s. i love you.” that deserves a second glance, don’t you think?

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