Thursday, November 27, 2008

giving thanks.

"Aw u personalized the txt."
"Thanks, love. You know you do the exact same for me. :)"
"You are so delightful. I hope you know that."
"Happy Thanksgiving my goddess!!"
"Hehe that was the best thing to wake up to(: We really are really good friends aren't we?"
"I love you too baby!"

this is what i am thankful for. the people who make life worth living. the little things that never deserve to go unnoticed. the love that i am constantly surrounded by. the sense of happiness that goes all the way down to the tips of my toes. the warm bed i sleep in every night. the clothes on my back. and the thought of someone being thankful for me simply because of, well, being me.

oh, and the pecan pie my grandma brought over today. this is love.

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ms. tara said...

each of those quotes..i was trying to figure outt who said who. and i believe i got 2 of them correct(:

i love you