Thursday, February 15, 2007


long conversations. chocolate chip cookies. smiles from across the room. hugs from behind. being hyper for no reason. cheesy surprises. self-satisfaction. sleeping early. sleeping in. no homework. acting crazy with friends. food. cute babies. laughter. listening to the rain while lying in bed. marshmallows. john mayer. mangoes. long e-mails. Christmas. summer vacation. daisies. pictures that remind you of good memories. my camera. day dreaming. inside jokes. being loved by the one you love. family. chick-flick marathons. watching a sunset. ranch. john legend. accidentally hearing someone say something nice about you. looking at the clock and seeing you still have an hour more to sleep. jason mraz. knowing you've done the right thing. random letters that make you smile. finishing homework early. reaching your goals. pie. splurging. finding money in your pocket that you didn't know was there. rambling. the color yellow. water. freedom. fresh air. amazement. the sound of waterfalls. attempting the impossible. thinking about a certain someone. wishing on everything. being barefoot. doodling. running in circles. eating ice cream on a hot summer day. knowing somebody misses you. baking. listening to music in the park. running in the rain. unplanned sleepovers. funny faces. making new friends and spending time with old ones. not caring about what other people think. weekends. making your parents proud of you. being so indecisive that you just end up buying both things. having someone to run to when your world comes crashing down. fun people. cartwheels. elephants. stuffed animals. catchy jingles. corny jokes. aimless wandering. wrapping presents. hearing my favorite song on the radio. &you :)

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