Tuesday, February 20, 2007


"do you realize you're not normal?" - mr. ontiveros

two words: define normal. and speaking of which, who gets to define normal, anyway? the jocks? the teachers? our parents? the president? How about none of the above. you see, the thing about it is, is that the “usual standards” as to what normal really is, isn’t so standard everywhere else. in beverly hills, normal would be considered the person with the seven bedroom mansion who rolls down the street in a silver mercedes. at oxford, normal would be defined simply into late nights, study freaks, hard workers, and perfectionists. at least to the people on the outside. to me, defining the word normal would go under the category of attempting the impossible.

case-in-point? it all depends on where you’re standing. to us, oxford has no norm. some see it as rebellion central, filled with hundreds of kids out of dress code each and every day avoiding the teachers well-known for giving out dress code violations. others on the other hand really do see it as the nerd school. and in respect to the other schools, we don’t fit under normal.

but if normal means i have to wear huge logos plastered on my shirts, do my hair a certain way, or act like someone i’m not, than i think i’d rather be considered out-of-the-ordinary. but if normal means laughing uncontrollably until people look at you like your insane, running at the beach just because you like the feel of sand between your toes, or dancing like no one is watching to your favorite song, then i’m just as normal as the next guy.

but as far as i’m concerned, being normal is overrated.

cheesy moral of this blog? be yourself, my friends. cause i wouldn’t want you any other way.

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