Friday, February 02, 2007

the many faces of athena.

my angry/death glare face.

my not-so-interested face.

my happily dazed face.

my 'ew' face.

my lost face.

my depressed face.

no idea what the heck this face is.

my freakishly happy face.

my evil scientist face.

my hippo face.

and then we end with the side of my face. hooray!

this presentation was brought to you by christina magalona's boredom & powered by my inability to sleep at 1:00 in the morning...


ccrstna mgalona said...


hahahaha i tried scrolling up and down really fast; and it most definately does not have the same effect

loveee yaaa <333

ColorSkittles said...

OMG those were so funny! :)

Teacher: "Soy... Sauce?"

Soy Sauce: "Present"


rona`bona said...

you lost your face! hahhaha

you're cuuute (:

shane said...

ill make a blinkie for you. hahahah you'll seee

Albert Lowe said...

lol, and it's a pretty good one too

but if you don't like it or w/e and want it down, just lemme know

gabymanalo said...

hahahah yes.
everybody just ends up on the floor at my house xD

i guess it's not as bad as christina's house..
clothes come off there. HAHAHAHAH oh dear lord.

Jeff said...

You look like you've been having so much fun this weekend. YEAH!!! haha I should make a face library. I wonder...

Jeff said...

Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure the "I don't know what this face is" face is really the "you're looking at me and I don't know why" face. Just thought you'd like to know. :)

Jeff said...

More explaination: When someone looks at you or is staring at you you sometimes just make a funny face. Like this one. haha

PHiL0PHiLiAC said...

lmbo .

it seems
i see the second one a lot

Xd it's cool

and take it easy jeff .
ahhaha you're right tho

kimlypv said...

personally, i like the 'evil scientist' look. it suits you. (:

you need a stitch one.

PHiL0PHiLiAC said...

stitch ! yayy
perfect .

how no matter what face you make,
you always look happyy XD

rona`bona said...

i agree with what collin said...

and that is why you INSPIRE me


shane said...

this has to be the most comments on one post. wow....