Wednesday, February 14, 2007

let's grow old together.

the old man walked into the room cautiously and quietly making sure he was not seen or heard. the bouquet of roses in his hands stood still waiting to be delivered to the one person he believed deserved them the most. i watched as he crept to the wall and hid behind it so that she would have no idea of the surprise awaiting her. then, as cautiously and quietly as he had walked into the building, he walked into the next room and gave the bouquet of roses to his wife. it was one of the cutest and most meaningful thing i had seen done on valentine's day in the longest time. and i only wish i could have someone do that for me one day...

after seeing that, i thought it was amazing at how long those two people had been in love with each other. and i found it even more amazing at the fact that throughout their time together, the love they had for each other never weakened, but only got stronger day after day. i've always wanted someone to grow old with. someone who will love me until the day i die and every day afterwards. someone who knows me inside and out, my flaws and imperfections, my weaknesses and strengths, and will stand up for me no matter what. someone who knows my life story and could recite it as if it were their own. and when i'm growing old and losing my memory, i want someone who will take walks with me hand in hand in the park reminding me of all the memorable times we shared together in our lifetime.

more than anything, i just want to be with that someone who will give me the security of knowing he will never leave my side. when he promises me forever, i want him to mean it. regrets don't exist with him because he makes me realize how amazing life is with him. in sixty years, i want to be with this mr. wonderful. and i want him to surprise me with a dozen roses just like we were teenagers again. but more importantly, i want to know he wouldn't want anything more than to be stuck with me for another eternity.

happy valentine's day, everyone.

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rona`bona said...

awww amen to that (: