Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 firsts.

first hug: sister.
first kiss: daddy.
first "i love you" said to: grandma.
first song listened to: i'll be waiting - lenny kravitz.
first drink: water.
first food: bread.
first missed call: rona maglian. (12:16am)
first, uh, not-missed called: christina magalona. (12:28am)
first person called: rona maglian. (she didn't answer either!! haha.)
first voicemail: rona maglian. (okay, you need to stop taking over my list. haha.)
first received text message: james li.
first sent text message: jeffrey whitaker.
first time sleeping: 1:32am.
first time waking up: 9:00am.

365 days behind us and a brand new 365 ahead of us. so, here's to you. you, being the person that is still with me today as i venture into this brand new year, not knowing what lies before me. you, the person that i will make a thousand more memories with because it's just that easy for us. and you, being the person that doesn't count the days, but the moments. here's to a new year of firsts. make it amazing, folks.

hmm, what to do now...oh, wait. ha! i know. hellooo, longboard.


rOnaMaGlian said...

i never got a call from you "/


actually, i didnt have signal inside my uncle's house. i had to go outside to make phone calls.hahaha

well, happy new years(:

athena. said...

yeah...when i called you it made a weird noise. hahaha.