Tuesday, January 15, 2008

midnight mind jumble.

good morning. i just had a nice 5 hour nap. too bad it was only supposed to be an hour. oh well. rest was much needed. you know, i think being sad about things is overrated. but if it's only every once in a while it's okay, right? today was one of those downhill days. it started going uphill once i had some mr. o in me, and surprisingly much better during fifth. people, i like. people make me happy. and apparently i'm not allowed to be sad. but okay. talking about formal today with people who didn't go made me miss it even more than i already did. hey, there's only 7 days until my birthday. dang, one week. how did that happen? i need plans. two three-day weekends coming up. again, i need plans. i think i know why shane gets his headaches. (your laptop screen is so freaking bright). my longboard is in the back of my mom's car...i need to take it out. i can't decide where to put that picture frame and it's really bugging me. decisions are hard. but i've decided i like the moon better than the sun. one reason being because i can actually look at the moon without burning my eyeballs out. la la la...it is now 12:39am. i told myself i'd go to sleep at 12:30. haha, nah. i just realized i didn't watch tv today. at all. i wonder how that happened. how fascinating. "don't sweat it, i know it wasn't your fault. take care." you have no idea how much better that made me feel. i learned something very interesting today: guys can be a lot more sympathetic than girls. at least more than you'd expect them to be. i need to make more copies of formal pictures. they went like hotcakes and i didn't even realize it. luckily i set some aside for me. i love us. it is now 12:50am. should i attempt to sleep? okay, i'll attempt. but don't be surprised if i'm back in 30 minutes with some more thoughts for you.

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