Friday, January 04, 2008

perfect timing!

"Athena Anduiza" (11:10:35 PM): you should really try the whole optimist thing
"Jameson Bradley" (11:10:41 PM): eh
"Jameson Bradley" (11:10:45 PM): not my field of life
"Jameson Bradley" (11:10:48 PM): its yours
"Jameson Bradley" (11:11:05 PM): im the sarcastic comedical person to the left
"Athena Anduiza" (11:11:11 PM): i will teach you my ways

yeah, i'm easily fascinated. but, come on. that's pretty cool. :)


Jeffrey said...

did you make a WISH!!!?

rOnaMaGlian said... took off the dancing elephant. i would stay on your page for like..hours just watching it dance. hahahahahahha. wow..