Saturday, May 24, 2008

movie ruiner.

never in my life have a wanted to shove a bucket of popcorn in someone's face more than i did today. i went to go watch narnia this afternoon at cerritos mall and discovered the most annoying movie-goer on the face of this earth - maybe even in the entire universe. the movie was going along perfectly fine and this guy (plus friends that were not anywhere near as annoying) came in a little while into the movie. he seemed normal except he ate his popcorn kind of obnoxiously. shoving handful after handful into his huge mouth and sipping his drink kind of loudly. didn't think much of it and tried to ignore it. then...he decided to open his mouth.

"this is stupid. that was so fake. that was retarded. this is boring. i wanna leave." i wish he would've just kept eating his stupid popcorn. and to add to all of his annoying comments, he was making me feel a bit uncomfortable because he was hogging the armrest and leaning way too close to me. and when he wasn't blubbering and complaining or eating his popcorn, he was picking his teeth to get pieces of popcorn out of them. extremely disgusting.

i wanted to leave so badly. but i controlled myself and sat in my seat the entire movie like a good little girl. i just wish azlan would've come out of the movie screen and eaten that guy right up. i swear, it would've turned it into the best movie i had ever seen in my life.

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kimlypv said...

hahaha, i'm pretty sure any movie where a lion jumps out of the screen to get at someone you dislike at the moment would turn a crappiest movie into something good.