Tuesday, May 20, 2008

telephone tag.

long called karakash. karakash didn't know. long had to leave and i found vicky and sheena. karakash asked jeff chao. jeff chao didn't know either. i called my house. no one picked up. i called my house again. no one picked up. i called shane. he didn't know either. vicky's phone died. i used sheena's phone. house again - no one. i called jeff chao. i didn't know michael asked him. he still didn't know. gerard came. gerard had cory's number. i called cory. he answered. i talked to my sister. i went home.

and add to that: long called cory a couple times. he never answered. long called shane, too. he still didn't know. long called kathleen. kathleen called john choi. john choi called cory. he answered. finally.

i think i was already home.


shane said...

and through ALL of that, i was just across the street in the library :D HAHAHAH SHH SHH its ok athena!!

athena. said...

way to pick me up.

but like you said, i had "fun."
tons of "fun."