Monday, December 28, 2009

8 a.m.

tara, kimly, and i stayed up all night last night... i saw the light come in through the windows of alex's basement, i heard her parents getting up for breakfast, i heard the heater shut off, and i basically heard the world starting up again... and we hadn't even shut down yet. it was 8 in the freaking morning.

but it's nights like these that make me understand why my best friends are my best friends. it's because no one else could possibly keep me entertained for that long. i'm pretty sure anyone else would judge what happened in that karaoke room. and most importantly i don't think anyone else loves me enough to share "the gift" and the power with me. everyone just wants it all to their greedy selves.

it is now 4PM and i have to leave again in 2 hours. perfect :)

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