Thursday, December 24, 2009


i'm pretty darn sure i was an elephant in a past life because we really do seem to have a lot in common. or this might just be me being freakishly obsessive and wanting to relate, but eh. what can you do? not much. speaking of which, there are two things i know elephants can't do that i can't either.

1) elephants can't jump. and neither can i. not literally of course. i can project myself into the air just fine. but i say jump meaning i can't throw myself into a situation that i know will drastically change things. i have to admit i'm not a risk taker. i like plans. i like knowing. i don't like to jump if i don't know where i'm going to land.

2) elephants never forget. and neither can i. it's a little torturous, but sometimes it's nice. i'm not saying i have the greatest memory, but what i do know is that i always remember feelings of certain times, certain places. i can forget what people say, but i can never forget how they made me feel. it's hard to forget things like happiness and sadness because they consume me so fully. and i am okay with that. what is life but a chance to feel something real?

i don't know. can i just be an elephant now...

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