Monday, December 21, 2009

the one.

"i had my life all planned out. i knew what i wanted. but.. it all changes when you find the one." - mrs. o

she never wanted any kids. she didn't even think she would ever get married. when all of her friends were fawning over boys, she was off playing sports and busy coaching basketball. her life was nothing out of the ordinary and she knew where she was going. then mr. o comes along... and well, things kinda changed for her.

and now, with a husband that loves her unconditionally and five beautiful daughters that bring her so much happiness, i couldn't help but wonder what else she could possibly want out of life. i understand not everyone's life is perfect and not everyone can have everything go their way. i understand that. but to see that every little thing she needed was right under her roof was so heartwarming i think my heart could have burst with all the love floating around in that room. they deserve everything they could possibly want and to have the perfect life.

but to think, it started out with finding the one for her and now... she's got six people that will never stop loving her. i want that.

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