Friday, May 18, 2007

in cluster...

so, i'm sitting here in cluster and i can find absolutely nothing productive to do with my time. and you know what? i'm perfectly fine with that :) ahh, i love testing. we do absolutely nothing for hours. and then food afterwards! yaay. who wouldn't love that?!

i've pretty muched studied for math enough that i hope i can do fairly decent on this test. i just finished the math section of the star testing, so i don't really think i can handle anymore studying for math at the moment anyway. ("so i'm waiting, waiting, waiting for you to be calling, calling, calling...") i'm kinda bitter about the fact that i stink at math. i wish i was better. i was better in elementary, but....well, that's elementary. oh well. a good friend once told me that life gets harder, therefore you must try harder. and if you don''re pretty much screwed. haha. (sound familiar?)

oh man, 45 minutes until lunch. how oh-so far away. i love how everyone in cluster looks as if they're in their own different world. (gotta wait 'til those worlds collide. people still testing, surprisingly.) miss gray - reading. lauren and alli talking. kan wandering around. alex...sleeping? ryoo playing something on the computer. annie playing her ds. evelyn's all the way in the back, so i can't tell what she's doing. tara staring off into space? and as for me, i'm sitting here at my computer (yes, i've officially dubbed computer number one in mrs. hale's room as mine. plus, i've told her that) and i'm observing the cluster kids and listening to music (no shocker there. thank youu, jeff).

i was pretty dang bummed when my ipod ran out of batteries after the first part of testing today. when i finished, i used up the rest of the batteries and then had to sit there enduring the silence while everyone finished testing. no music. the horror! (you think i'm kidding. that's funny...) i know it sounds pretty lame, but how in the world did i do homework properly before i had an ipod? ("we're singing it...i'll tap the break and you crack the window. the smell of smoke is making my lungs explode. the 51 is backed up and too slow. let's tune out by turning on the the radio. and oh, my love, you're all i need. backed behind a frequency. they played this song an hour ago. let's tune out by turning on the radio...") how foolish of me to leave school yesterday without remembering shane had my ipod. it was tough studying math without it last night. (if i fail this math test, i blame shane.) yeah.

so basically, i'm already sick of #2 pencils, test booklets, bubbling in circles, and not having our comfy chairs in cluster anymore. sigh. i vote they let us leave the classroom once we finish our test. cause the free time is the only thing i like about testing. oh and only having two classes a day too :)

la la la...i like rambling. ("let's make a list of who we need and we'll throw it away cause we don't need anyone..." psst. you need more john mayer songs!) mmkay. i'm done. i'll leave it to the music to make these last few minutes go by faster.

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Jeff said...

Sorry, the only way I'm going to get more John Mayor songs is if you give some to me. Plus I'm perfectly fine without them. I'm a big fan of Sherwood now. I love that one song. The Best In Me. good song, no? I like. " need a plane in my cable car, something somethin' somethin', lungs explode..." haha Time for bed. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow at the beach.