Thursday, May 17, 2007

makes me wonder.

she sat at her computer late in the evening. thinking. wondering. listening to maroon 5. questioning. eating a chocolate parfait. thinking some more. life is good, she thought. it's the best it's been in a while actually. testing for the next few days would require only a limited amount of brain power and a lot of room in her stomach for food, which was perfectly fine for her. she wondered if anyone wondered the same things she did. yet that would be difficult considering her mind doesn't stay on one level for more than about 3 minutes. she questions a lot of things. but she wonders why she never asks. yeah, she's a strange case...

and at this very moment, new thoughts began to invade her mind. it's weird how when you're laughing uncontrollably and you start to get this aching pain in your side from the side-splitting laughter, you still don't want it to stop. annoyingly, the weather is being bipolar. and she's not very keen on bipolarity. cold she likes. hot she likes. but not too hot. and not freezing cold. she's indecisive. we all know that. (especially gaby). but once she makes a decision, she sticks with it. and then an hour later she wonders what would have happened if she went the other way. the cycle never ends.

yes, wondering is a fascinating thing. confusing, but fascinating. and sometimes being confused can lead you to a place you never would've gone to before. and you don't wanna go back. she thinks people should wonder more. and she wonders why the don't. people make her wonder.


CHRIS to the TINA said...

lucky you. you had a parfait.
as for me, i'm hungry.
suck suka.


Jeff said...

I like wondering. Today, I hear a word said that I haven't heard in a while. And then I heard it again in the same day. And then I thought to myself, why is it that we always notic things that are weird, or rare and we think about that, but we never look at all those things that are normal. We should look at the normal world and think about that instead, because you know, it's not as rare.

shane said...

john hogan hates maroon 5. MUAHAHAHHAHAA