Sunday, May 13, 2007

unconditional love.

for sixteen years of my life, my mother has given me more than i deserve. a roof over my head, food to eat everyday, amazing advice, and most importantly an unconditional love that can never be replaced. i admit, there are times when i take these things for granted, but amazing as she is, she doesn't love me any less. she understands me like no one else. she listens when i'm not speaking and comprehends the things i leave unsaid.

sometimes, i wonder whether or not i'm being the best daughter i can be for her. it's hard to think about while knowing i'm not perfect. but she has always taught me that perfection is simply being the best i can be. and in that case, i guess i am a pretty good daughter. because she always brings out the best in me. the last thing i would ever want to do is disappoint her.

my mom has been through her share of hardships and they have all made her a stronger person. she amazes me every single day with the way she never stops giving. she cooks, cleans, shops, washes, organizes things, and so much more. she's the one i go to when i can't find something. it's like magic the way she knows where everything is. and i mean, everything. and when she doesn't know where something is, she can find it in 2 seconds. her work is never done and i have yet to see the day that she gets flustered by all of it.

in her reflection, i see all that i aspire to be. i see someone that does everything she can to make her children happy, knowingly or not. i see a mother that isn't afraid to laugh at something stupid with her kids or even laugh at her kids if they do something stupid. if you ask me the question "who is the most beautiful woman you know?" i won't give you the name of some celebrity or supermodel. my answer will simply be: my mom. she's the person that no one can compare to. and no one should even try. because, frankly, it won't get them anywhere.

if i grow up to be half the mother she is, i'll be satisfied.

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Jeff said...

I've never seen your mom before this. She does look like you. Not as much as your sister though. haha